Thursday, February 11, 2016

Last Revenge

Part 31
After the tea was over they sit together to discuss about the problem of Hemant. Sarang being an advocate has many questions in his mind and he was very much anxious to put them to that woman. This woman was found to be more responsive than her brother was. That encouraged them and they decide to be with her and drop the idea of going to her brother, Bhujangnath. While there was enough time, as her assistants had not arrived they wanted to talk on this subject of ghosts. Moreover, they wanted to know how to manage them. They could know that Bhujangnath would not encourage any such discussion but here they notice that Janaki was ready to tell about this occult art and science. After some silent moments, Sarang asks her, about how she got interested in this rather strange topic. Janaki smiled and after some pause she began to tell her story.

Along with her elder brother, she had completed her study in psychology from a reputed University and both had joined a college as lecturers on that subject. Psychology they had learned as a subject according to the western approach to human mind. Many questions always remained to be answered, as the rendering was not suitable to answer many a questions according to western Christian approach in which they do not learn anything about Atman and Jiva relations which is the principle topic according to Hindu teachings of this subject. She was talking and both the friends were keenly listening to her speech. It was a very interesting subject for Sarang while Bali was rather casual about that however; he was interested in it as much as it helps them get out of the present predicament.

Janaki told them that in western approach they presume that a person can have two or more personalities, in that he/she may behave differently, and that was termed as split personalities. She was not happy with this explanation to describe the very different behavior. As she was brought up in her Hindu back ground in which, they claim that a person can get haunted by an alien spirit and the different behavior is due to the presence of that alien spirit of an altogether separate person however, it is of a dead one. This difference in approach became more evident when they did some experiments on many persons having split personality. Both of them realized that western approach was not correct as when they were talking with some such persons they could get information about the spirit's previous life story, which they tell if properly approached. On one such event Janaki was telling to Sarang, she could clearly find that the spirit that was talking to her was a very different person than the one that was brought to her as a patient. Both the Siblings became more deeply interested in this approach and they began to do experiments in this subject of many patients with split personality problem. On much research, Janaki told Sarang that they could understand as to why these spirits of dead persons haunt somebody. Now as the topic became more interesting, Bali also became interested in the talk. While she was, telling the story about how she and her brother became interested in that queer topic her assistants came and that was an interruption.

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