Monday, February 1, 2016

Last Revenge

Part 30

Bali and Sarang were at loss as to what reply they can give to her. But just to kill some time Bali puts a typical question to her, "Madam, How much it will cost us if we do it with you"?
Janaki looked to Bali and Sarang and gave a smile. "Well, you have put a very important query, is it not? She counter asked and then said the cost depends upon in what way you want the problem to be settled. If you want to do in the manner that Hemant will be marginalized the cost is high but if you just want Hemant to be arrested and kept in captivity the cost could be comparatively much less. You have to choose between the two.

Bhujangnath was known to Sarang but he never had done any particular work with him in the past and so he actually did not have any idea as to how good he is in this type of work. At that point of time for them both Bhujangnath and his sister Janaki were on the same level. Moreover, he also felt that if they ask her to do the work and supposing she fails then again to go to Bhujangnath may be a difficult attempt. So they decided to take some time and in that way Bali tells her that they need some time to take a decision before they commit. After that talk things were more easy between them and so they dare ask Janaki about the two men they had seen at the last visit.

"Well, they were probably my neighbors who reside some place away from here in deeper forest". Bali saw an opportunity in this reply and decided to ask more queries to kill some time so that. Bali then requested Janaki to tell about more exploits if hers in this field of host control. He told her that that information will make them more informed about this science and so that may help them in deciding on how to check Hemant's ghost. At that Sarang told her about the incidence when they were coming to this house that in that he saw their friend James talking with Bali in the car whereas that friend, James was actually already dead. How he could see him and how at all such a thing can ever happen?

Janaki after some pause told him that it was probably an illusion created by Hemant using his ghostly powers. She told him that if he had tried to take a photo of that James he could not have had that since in reality that James was not standing there as he saw it. It was an illusion and many a time such illusions are created by powerful ghost to mislead some body. It was Hemant in the form of your dead friend, James; she explained to them. That was a very interesting and also frightening to know that Hermant can take form of anybody and fool them!
On that Janaki told them that a ghost can do it only with dead person's form and not with a live person's form.

All this information had put both the friends in quandary. They were more frightened at this information and they wanted to get rid of Hemant at the earliest. They decide to take a chance and told Janaki that they want her to look into the matter and help them from the nuisance of Hemant permanently. After saying that jointly they felt a little comfortable that they are now with somebody who can manage the peril of Hemant. Sarang had many questions in his mind and he decides that he would get them cleared as they become more accustomed with this lady.

Janaki offers them some tea and ask them to wait until she gets her assistants to come and join the meeting. At that juncture again Bali ask her about the cost of treatment but she ignores that inquiry with a smile. She waves her frail hand towards him and whispers, "It may not cost anything if things are suitable for her". Bali could not get what that means to her and prefers to keep quiet as the cost part was really not so important. Sarang tells him that stop talking of cost every time; that is under this situation immaterial to them, there life is more important than any cost she charges. Bali understands it and decides to keep silent on that point.

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