Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 28

Who was he who did this to you? Asks Sarang.
"Did not I tell you it was James!" Bali blurts out while he was trying to make his clothes proper.
But James is …. Sarang could not say anything more. But Bali had not lost his confidence. He told him it must be Hemant in the form of James.
"Amazing, Sarang exclaims quietly.
"Is Hemant following us? Sarang.
"Of Course, he is always following us! That guy has no other business but to follow and then to kill us any way"! Bali says disgustingly.
Sarang argues with his advocate style, that even though we were responsible for his unfortunate death we did not do it purposefully. Whereas Hemant is now doing it purposefully and so it is not fair. Sarang tries to give his typical argument as if he is standing in a court of law.
Please stop that argument. There is no court here and nobody is going to listen to it. Bali warns his friend impatiently.
"Is it that this Hemant does not want us to reach Bhujangnath?" Sarang debates.
"We do not know, but now that we are safe, we should continue our journey as planned. Bali orders and they set to Bhujangnath's place.
After some pause Bali point to Sarang and says, "You are correct in that your argument; he is now doing something purposefully and so, he is more to be blamed and by that point of view." I feel there is one more point to it, Bali continues his suggestion. He says, You see Sarang, we killed only one person but now this fellow has already killed two of us and that means the killing is more on his side and that means he is doing something very wrong." Am I correct? Bali expects Sarang to reply. Sarang after listening this argument begins to give a sly smile.

"You should have been an advocate" Sarang exclaims and on that both of them laugh on that.
From legal point of view you are making a good point no doubt about it. Sarang concludes on that debate.

They continue their journey and it was without any hurdles. They have now come to a place where they had seen the spot where they had found two red colored stones under a big tree and that haunted house. Sarang looks around to find if that tree with two red stones are still there. And he sees that tree. There were two red colored stones as they were earlier. Sarang slows down at that spot and requests his friend Bali to come out and say apologies to that spirit which those stones were to represent. Bali sees those stones and without grudging come out of the car and they together approach that tree. They look around but see nothing unusual in that place. Both friends stand near the tree and Bali openly and loudly says apologies for what he had done in the last visit and asks for pardon. That was very unusual for him to do such a thing but by now it might be the circumstance that has humbled him to those spirits.

Sarang was more of the type of believers and so looks around to see if he can get some flowers to put on those stones. He does not find any flowers save some wild bushes with some little flowers of violate color. He plucks them and puts them on the stones and prays that; they are in a big trouble due to one mistake they had committed during their young period and pleads that if the spirit can save them from that. They wait on the spot as it was unusually pleasant at that time. Bali with questioning mind asks Sarang, "Will such a prayer help us?" Sarang waving his hands in a pleading manner tells him without saying anything, "Please be positive, we have to try all ways to stop that Hemant." Bali also understands that and keeps quiet. Holding his both palms together in a namaskar posture Bali repeats the prayer and requests the spirit to help them in stopping Hemant's ghost from doing further damage. This was very unusual of him to do and Sarang could feel the changes those are gradually taking place in his friend.

As they were watching for the secluded house they see an owl flying pass that tree and it sits on one of the huge branches of that big tree. That owl was as it were constantly watching them. Bali looking to that owl asks Sarang what doe it mean? Is it an omen or opposite? He queries nonchalantly. Sarang says nothing. Then they move into the thick of trees by a narrow passage to find inside the forest if they can locate that house. And there they see it standing like a guard. The house Bali wanted to visit once again and so he insists that they again venture into that house and try to find out about those two men they had encountered during their last sojourn. Sarang having matching interest in that topic does not oppose and together they move towards that haunted house.

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