Monday, January 11, 2016

Last Revenge

Story - 29

They approach near that house and wait outside to see if there is any indication of any body living in it. But as they had imagines there was no sound from inside of that house and now they begin to see if that small opening through which they had entered that house when they had come earlier is still existing. After some pause Bali shouts, "Is there any body?" to find if they get any response from inside that house. He waits and then again gives one more call to see if they get any response but there was no response second time also. Sarang continues to make rounds around that house and finally he finds that door with opening, it was as it did when they had visited earlier. Both enter into that house through that door. It was pretty dark inside the room they had entered. After some moments they could see the inside of that room. It was a large room but there was no furniture in it. They also noticed that the room was not cleaned for may be many days. The dust on everything was evident. Sarang whispers to Bali and suggested, they should move to next door. May be it opened in another room. Slowly they move towards the next door which was on side wall of that room. Bali searched for, if any electric connection is found but though there were wirings on the wall they could not locate any switches or any board that normally hold such devices. Side door was closed but obviously not locked. Bali opens that door and to their surprise that door opens as if it was well oiled. Bali was first to enter that next room. Last time they had been to that house they were not in mood to do any investigation and they were not interested in that house the way they were this time. They were in perfect condition and so Bali's adventuresome nature could not stop him from doing some more. He wanted to find out the room in which they had found that first-aid box. The next room in which they were moving had some rickety pieces of old furniture. The room was not cleaned enough but some paces appeared to be in frequent use and so there it was relatively more cleanliness. In other spots there was dust scattered all over. Wherever they touched their fingers were smeared with dry dust. That room had a carpet on its floor. They could feel the softness of that carpet. From that they guessed that the carpet was expensive but very worn out, lacerate at places. The widows of that room were locked from inside and the widow panes were filled with dust of many days. They moved in other room and here Bali and Sarang both realized that it was this room where they found that box. Both of them were moving very carefully as per instructions of Bali as they did not want to spoil anything in that place. They were gentlemen and knew how to move in a strange place. With due respect they were looking and handling the things in that room. The first-aid box was missing; at that time they realized that in that hour at their last visit they had taken out that box, outside the house and they remembered that Bali had forgotten to return that box in that situation.
"Friend, you forgot to return that box." Sarang exclaimed.
"That time I was not in the condition that I could do any normal thing, moreover, those two guys had intruded and we wanted to leave the place in a hurry. As a result I forgot to return that box." Bali tries to explain.
"We did not see that box anywhere outside of the house as we came here." Sarang asks.
"What we are doing in this solitary place"? Sarang exclaims nervously.
While they were whispering on that they hear some sound from the next room where the door was closed but not locked. Bali listens to the sound by putting his ears on the door. He looks to Sarang and by gestures suggested to Sarang that, there is definitely somebody in that room. "Probably a rat", Sarang says in lighter vein. "Do not cut jokes", warns Bali seriously.

"Should we try to open it and peep inside or wait to see what happens next"? Asks Sarang. By then, Sarang a naturally timid person had begun to shiver at the very idea that something very eerie must be going to happen next. Bali was not a timid fellow but surely he was also aware that he and his friend have intruded in that place and that they are trespassers. His cultured mind did not like that they are on the wrong side this time. He was ready to apologies to whoever that person may be. With that preparation he slowly opens that door. The door was well oiled and so it did not make any creaky sound that Sarang was expecting. Finally they open it wide enough and Bali was first to step in that room. To their surprise that room was well lighted by the rays of evening Sun. That room had its windows facing the westerly direction and so the light of setting Sun was coming in that room through its closed widows. That was probably the kitchen of that house because there was a raised platform just as kitchens have. And they saw a person standing in the place facing the platform touching its belly to that platform and obviously back to these two friends. The way all these things appeared was not very healthy. The ghostliness was very much obvious. Both had a feeling of chill. For the first time Bali could feel what is fear.

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