Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 27
Sarang and Bali decide to go to tantrik baba Bhujangnath. They were in hurry to meet him as Bali was worrying for his little daughter. Bali had envisaged that Ghost of Hemant is wanting to kill his little daughter also. And that had terrified him.
"What wrong that little girl has done to this ghost, tell me?" Bali shouts to Sarang in a frenzy. This time it was Sarang's car and he was driving it.
"Why don't you say something?" Bali asks to Sarang repeatedly.
"How can I know what is in the mind of that spirit? " Sarang replies quietly.
We have to see Bhujangnath to find out what all that means. After some pause Sarang asks Bali, "Can we take your daughter also to Bhujangnath, it may help get to the solution?"
Bali does not say anything on that and they drop that idea as the little girl was to small to be taken to that eerie place. Moreover, they remember that strange house in which they were trapped before reaching Bhujangmanth's house.

Bali blurt out, "I hope no untoward incidence happens this time". Bali was talking in a mood of a person not in his mind and looks that he was worried about his little daughter's safety.
Sarang could understand his condition as he was also having children. They continued to the road leading towards Bhujangnath's place. This time they had started quiet early and so they expected to reach the place while the Sun is still shining.

The road was quiet and the travel was pretty quick and they had almost completed the path and at that Sarang tells Bali that he wants to relieve him and asks him if he also wants to do something. Bali seems to be in a different mood and says nothing to him. Stopping the car Sarang comes out and walks towards the other side of the road and chooses a spot not visible from the car and begins the nature's call. While he was seated and not in a position to see the car and his friend, he overhears some heated conversation and he could easily know that other fellow shouting was his friend, Bali. Sarang was not in position to move as the situation was pretty awkward. He tries to listen but the sound was not clear. It was definitely some type of wrangle and not any simple argument. He was also aware that his friend was having the habit of starting row over nothing. He now hears a sound as if something heavy was thrown down the place. He hurriedly finishes the call and comes out of the hiding hardly managing his trousers; and looks to the car. To his surprise he does not see Bali sitting in his seat.

"What is the problem? Sarang shouts and keeps coming to the car almost running. As he comes closer to it he could not see Bali in the car. Sarang looks around but there was no trace of his friend. He hears some weak sound of moaning coming from the creek that was on one side of the road. Impatiently he comes on that side and looks down in that creek. There he sees his friend had fallen down and was barely resting on the small projection on one side of the slope. That sight shocks Sarang and he could not know what to do and how to get Bali out of that spot. Sarang could notice that Bali was not unconscious but was not in position that he can come out and save himself. Bali was in pain as the fall had broken his ribs. He tells Sarang that he should call for help and also tells him that if they do not get any help in time he may drop down the steep creak slope and that could mean his sure death.
"But how it happened?" asks Sarang.

Without replying to him Bali tells him that if there is any strong rope in the Dicky trunk of his car he should take it out and throw it to him and try to pull him over to the road. Sarang luckily did have a strong rope in his trunk and immediately does that and tries to throw it to Bali. After some unsuccessful attempts finely he could do it and Bali holds on that rope. However, Sarang was not strong enough to pull Bali out of that place. Bali tells him that, Sarang should tie the other end of the rope to some nearby tree so that Bali will attempts to pull himself by pulling on the rope. There were many strong trees in the vicinity and that was pretty good for them. Sarang does as Bali had told and asks his friend that he can now try to pull himself out from that place. Here Bali could find his training during their college days of climbing mountains very helpful. Finally, Sarang adding his little strength to help the process of pulling, Bali is out of that predicament. As Bali come out, his closes were all smeared with mountain soil and he was scratched in many places on his body, his shirt was torn but Bali was not out of spirit. As he stands near the tree where the rope was tied up. He looks to Sarang and holding his hand he tells Sarang something that further shocks Sarang. They decide to wait for some time and regain their lost spirit.

"It was too close; my dear friend," Bali exclaims in a frightened voice. Sarang was panting as he had never done such an backbreaking workout in many years. He tells his friend, "Bali, it was close but not the end! We shall survive all attempts of this Hemant".

Story continues in the next post,

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