Thursday, December 10, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 26

Some days pass without any event and everything appears to be normal but in the heart of these two friends they were feeling the lurking danger of Hemant's ghost. On one evening Bali was quietly sitting in his bedroom; his small daughter was playing by herself and she was making turns around her father very playfully. Next to that spacious bedroom there was a large balcony almost like a terrace. The little girl was playing in all that place and was calling her father to join her in her play. Bali was drunk to the brim and as usual was wondering and cursing Hemant for what could happen and that is too any time to his life. He was also wondering about how these things that ghost could accomplish. What is that power that gives him all that supernatural strength to do such things miraculously. He could not explain to himself all those things those happened in last few weeks. He was thinking to himself and cursing for what they did in those young days. Was there no pardon? All they did was not deliberate; he was consoling himself but that was of no effect with what Hemant was doing to them. After all, his life was removed by these four friends and by the law of nature it was obvious that they deserved a punishment, tit for tat, death for death! Hemant was only an instrument in the hands of All Mighty.

Bali was thinking about how his death can be avoided the way Sarang got a chance and James was killed by Sarang at the hint of Hemant. Is it possible that Sarang will die in place of him and he gets a relief! He told to Hemant's ghost that he was ready to kill Sarang and as against that he be relieved from that agony of death. However, there was no response from the ghost. It was almost 10 o'clock in the timepiece on the wall. Little daughter of Bali was still playing her imaginary play and in that she was running from the wall of the terrace on the outside and the bed corner of Bali's bed. Looking to that little shape of his daughter a very pretty girl full of innocence, he was now worried that if he is killed by Hemant what will happen of this little girl, who will look after her? The more he looks to her the more he feels the pain that might have experienced by Hemant when he died for no reason. Bali told to himself, people play with innocent people and even cause death; why they do it? That was a simple event of ragging in the college. Senior boys harass junior ones and try to prove that they are more powerful but it is all right to some extent and not to stretch it so that a fetal effect may take place the way it happened with Hemant. Why we killed him, what we gained by doing that? Bali for a while felt as if he was really repenting about what he did to that young boy many years back. At that moment he also realized that it was his initiative in pressurizing other friend in killing him and he was the one who took initiative of taking Hemant to the terrace of that hostel. He began to feel that had he not insisted to do that and left Hemant there on the ground, nothing fetal would have happened. For a while Bali felt what is the use of all this bothering, what has happened has happened and now there is no point in thinking on those things. However, thoughts were pouring in his mind and that he could not stop.

Bali continued to drink his favorite booze and that had made him almost inebriated completely. He had however good control on him and now he was looking to the little girl with his foggy vision. And there he saw in place of his little daughter a small figure more like a boy, yes he could feel that it was not his daughter but his stark enemy, Hemant. Bali was really surprised to see Hemant in place of his daughter and there he spontaneously shouted at him, "Hey what you are doing here?"

Hemant a little form was looking to him with no particular expression on his little face. It was Hemant or the little daughter of Bali nothing was clear at that point of time. Bali began to shout aloud and as per his prideful temperament challenged Hemant to do what he may please and warned him that he can do nothing to Bali. However, while making that demand in his mind he knew that he was not powerful enough to stop Hemant from doing what he wanted in whatever form. Nevertheless, Bali was not going to accept defeat. All of a sudden the picture changed and now he could clearly see his daughter standing in front of him, having put both her little arms on her waist, she asked him to join her in her game. Bali began to rub his eyes with his back of palm to clear the sight and he continued to see again his daughter. Where on earth that Hemant vanished and his daughter appeared. Inebriated that he was he could not understand exactly what was happening.

Now his daughter called him to come to her closer and to try to catch her. He gets up from the bed on what he was sitting and begins to approach her. Bali was so much inebriated that he could not walk properly. Nevertheless, he continued walking. Faltering as he walked but he could not continue and fell down on the floor. There he dropped down and went into deep slumber as it always happens. That night he had nightmare and in that he saw Hemant playing with his little daughter. Both looked as if they were of the same age and size. During that incubus Bali got out of it in sudden shock. He was profusely sweating and his heart pulsating heavily. That night was impossible for him to pass but as it became morning he called his friend Sarang and told him that dream and asked him to say what it means. Does it mean that this devil of Hemant is going to do harm his little daughter also? Sarang could not say anything on that and he only recommended that they should once again go to his tantrik friend Bhujangnath.

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