Thursday, December 3, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 25

The shock of death of James had unnerved both Sarang and Bali since they knew that now only two are remaining to be killed by the ghost of Hemant. Even though Sarang had planned it and that it had been a great success, he knew that it was Hemant who had made it so easy and possible but all the time Sarang would be wondering why Jame's widow had got that call when James was in his car and told her that the brakes have failed. What was the reason behind that call? He was sure the call was engineered by Hemant using his ghost power. He would never get the answer to his query. Interesting enough the call was registered on James' mobile while it was in Lonawla bungalow. Days were passing. Bali and Sarang would avoid talking about that topic. However, they were not avoiding each other and were meeting either at Sarang's office or at Bali's hotel. Even though, they were trying to forget the killing of Hemant they could not do it as the scene of his dying and his last cry they were remembering even after so many years have passed.

One Sunday they were sitting in one big room in Bali's hotel. They were sitting in front of each other. As usual they were not talking but only looking to the ceiling of that room. Bali was waving his head as if in great distress. He was muttering something to himself. After some time he begins to look to his friend Sarang, as if wants to open some conversation. Sarang was not aware of that. Bali makes him more comfortable by adjusting his seat and tells Sarang, "Friend we should not have killed that Hemant".
"What is the point in talking about that"? Sarang ejaculates distressingly.
After some silent moments Bali tells Sarang that he has called him to his place to tell him something very important. "What is it"? Sarang asks.
"Last night I got a dream and in that Hemant appeared"! Bali blurts out.
"What you say? What did he tell you? Sarang asks impatiently.
Bali does not say anything immediately. But after a pause he tells him that in that Hemant told him that you killed him by removing brakes of James' car!
"What nonsense"! Sarang shouts but then retracts as he realizes that Bali may be trying to trap him by taking name of Hemant to find out the secret of their friend's death. "Hemant in fooling you". Sarang blurts out impatiently and keeps looking to Bali distrustfully.

Bali takes out a revolver from under his table and holding to Sarang as if he was taking aim on Sarang. The revolver was loaded and that Sarang knew so he gets up and prepares to leave the room. "What are you doing"? Shouts Sarang at Bali and asks him not to shoot but Bali, as if under some influence of something unknown, keeps holding that revolver at Sarang and as Sarang moves from his seat and tries to run to the door which was open enough that he could run out of the room and avoid being shot. At that moment, Bali holds back the weapon and with a smile on his face calls back his friend and tells him that there is no intention to kill him. "I am the last man to fall for Hemant's trap like you"!

Bali tells him seriously that it is no trap as he may think it is truth that Hemant did appear in his dream and told him what he had said a few moments ago. He further accosts Sarang that we should be more careful since this ghost of Hemant is trying to use us to kill each other. If we remain sincere with each other he will not be able to do anything.
"You are a weak person, Sarang you should not have done that and helped Hemant in killing our friend. I am ashamed of you!" Bali spits out his contempt for what Sarang had done. On that Sarang keep quiet and as he knew there was no way by which he may try to justify his act of playing in Hemant's hand. Do you know what Hemant has told him in that dream? He says all kills should appear as if suicides just like that of Khalia and so do not feel afraid of this revolver. See the way James died. Nobody is blamed for that death even though you engineered that brake failure no body doubted you! Hemant's ghost is very clever, is it not? Bali asked Sarang and began to laugh like a mad man. Sarang looking to the way his friend was laughing exclaims, "You have gone mad, Bali please control your self".

"By killing each other we are making him stronger and that is not the way we can survive; do you understand"? Bali warns his friend and them looking to the revolver in his hand says, if this ghost of Hemant can be killed once again, I should do it to revenge death of our friend. My suggestio is that from now on we should not meet and by that avoid being used by this ghost of Hemant. Bali suggested to Sarang and looks to him for his approval.

"It suits me". Sarang gives his approval.
At that moment it was 12 in the afternoon and the gong of the clock on the wall makes the scene more eerie.

Story continues in the next post,

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