Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 24

Inspector checks the phone made from that mobile and to his surprise he sees that a call was definitely made from that mobile to his wife. This further perplexes the police as James wife had told them that she recognized the voice and that was voice of her husband. Sarang tells them that after the last call he made to him from his own mobile he immediately retired to his bed room and went to sleep as he was feeling very drowsy due to effect of drink that he had consumed. The more they think on that the more they feel out of water. Something very crazy is happening there, the inspectors begin to understand. That is not a usual thing. As usual police decide to register that accident as a case of drunken driving as they were told by Sarang that James was under influence of the liquor he had consumed at his bungalow. Even so they collect mobile of James as evidence in case they need it.

They reach the police station; where already people had collected to know more about what had caused the accident. There police clear them by telling that is was a case of drunken driving as Mr. James was under influence of liquor he had consumed. They satisfied the crowd and they dispersed slowly discussing amongst themselves on how people drive in drunken state on ghat roads. The police there tells the inspector that they have called widow of the deceased James and they are waiting to get there any time. In the meanwhile some constables come from the deep of that valley and they had brought with them whatever evidence they could procure from the place where the car had dropped. They told the inspector that the car is completely smashed and almost all consumed by the flames from the petrol of that car. However, they had brought some evidence in the from as a chain necklace made of platinum, one half burnt money purse, which had in it some coins and a plastic identity card of Mr. James that had been twisted due to heat but still remained in condition that is could be recognized as it had a photo of James, one leather bag which was also slightly burnt, and finely a ring that was probably engagement ring of Mr. James. They put all these things and they were going to be of much use to prove that the person died was indeed Mr. James and nobody else. They put these items on the table of the inspector.

After some time the news that widow of Mr. James had come they receive. She was accompanied by Bali. She is ushered in the inner room where they were siting. Again inspector asks her about the last phone call made by her husband. She takes out her mobile and shows that she had indeed received one call from the mobile of James! Both inspectors look to each other and show surprise as that was proof that one call was made from that mobile of Mr. James. They show her the mobile that Sarang had given to them as Mr. James mobile and ask her if she can recognize that and on that she confirms that it her husbands favorite mobile and she recognizes it. They repeatedly ask her if she is sure about the voice of her husband. Because if she admits that it could be a voice of other than her husband then they could frame advocate Sarang in the case but she again and again confirms that it was his voice. Then she shows the recording of that conversation to the police and in that they could listen to the voice and it was definitely not a voice of Mr. Sarang. She slowly one by one carefully inspects those things and accepts that those things indeed belonged to her husband. This makes one thing clear from police point of view that the deceased was nobody else but Mr. James. Both inspectors told her that that mobile on which she claims got her last call from her husband was not with him but he had forgotten it in Sarang's bungalow. On hearing that she looks very much shocked and could not say anything on that. How can a person call on a mobile which is not with him? Inspector questions in the air as if they had become confused. Nobody could explain that but the fact was that, it had actually happened on that night. Bali looks to Sarang with popped up eyes; but at that point of time Sarang is not looking anywhere but down deeply engaged in some thinking.

Throughout that process, Sarang was sitting in one chair on the side in that room. He was not attentive of what police were doing but he was more bothered about what Hemant's ghost is going to do after that.

She earnestly requests the inspector to see her husbands remains but to every bodies dismay his body was completely burnt down to the extend that they could not recover it. Sarang holding her hand registers his condolences and after taking permission of the inspector shows desire to go back to his bungalow. To that police approves as now there was nothing else to do about that incidence. The death of Mr. James was finely registered as an accidental death. And there the matter ends for Mr. Sarang. Bali waits with Mrs James as some final procedure about the death of James was to be completed.

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