Thursday, November 12, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 23

Inspector Kambli knows that Mr. Sarang is a noted advocate at High Court and so prefers to treat him in behave better and decides not to do anything undue so that Mr. sarang may take action against him. After some time a servant of Sarang opens the door and shows surprise as he sees a police party standing at the door. He goes back to Sarang's bedroom and as he does that police inspector follows him and also reach the door of that bedroom. It is a very well furnished room and he sees that Mr Sarang is as yet in bed. When his servant tells him that there is a police party at the door Mr. Sarang gets up hurriedly and looks around and sees inspector Kambli whom he knew. As Kambli sees that the advocate has got up he retreats back to the living room and waits there for him to prepare and come out to meet him. In a short while Mr. Sarang comes in the lving room. He is not completely out of the sleep nevertheless he greets th inspector and asks him the reason for the visit.

Inspector Kambli does not want to waste time in the usual formalities and forthwith questions Mr. Sarang about his reason for visiting the place. On that Mr. Sarang tells him that he ans his friend Mr. James had come to spend some time in leisure but Mr. James had developed some urgent work at his office and so he cut it short and left for the city last night.

"What is the matter?" asks Sarang.
Inspector Kambli holding his hat is his hand politely inform him about the accident that has taken place at the early hours. He also tells him that they suspect that the accident has killed his friend, Mr. James.

For a while there was silence as it was a bad news but Sarang appears to be very satisfied inwardly though he takes every care to avoid any apparent signs of having been happy for the news. Sarang sits in the sofa in that room and shows his unhappiness about what had happened. After the initial formalities of giving condolences inspector resumes his work and begins to ask usual questions to Mr. Sarang. After some preliminary inquiries inspector tells him that the police suspect some foul play behind that accident. At the same time he also admits that there is no prima facia evidence at the hands of police that they can conclusively prove it. He then asks Mr. Sarang what he feels about it?

After some silence inspector tells Sarang that he wants to take him to police station for further inquiries and asks him to prepare for it. On that advocate Sarang tells him that it will be his duty to help police in its duty to get to the roots of what had happened and will always give all the co-operation in that matter. He also shows to inspector that his friend had forgotten to take his mobile with his and that his wife had called him but there was no way to inform Mr. James about that as there was no way to communicate to him. Then he asks the inspector why the police feels that I could be interested in killing my best friend? On that inspector does not give any reply. They prepare to go to the police station.

While going to police station in police jeep inspector tells Sarang that as they came to know about the number plate of the car they could trace it to James and called there when his wife took the phone and told them that she had received a call from her husband at about twelve o'clock and there he had told her that his car's brakes are not working and so it is very difficult to drive the car on that ghat road.

Sarang tells him that James left his bungalow at about eleven thirty but how he could call his wife since he had forgotten the phone at the bungalow? He came to know of this when he tried to contact him after some fifteen minutes to find out how is everything as that was their usual style of keeping in touch. When he made call the ring began to come from inside where James was sleeping and as that happened Sarang came to know that his friend had forgotten to take the mobile. Since the mobile was in the bungalow how is it that James could call his wife at about twelve? On the other side Jame's wife had conclusively told that it was voice of her husband and not of any other person.

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