Thursday, October 29, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 22

James keeps driving his car at normal speed as he did not want to attract attention of any police on patrol on the high way. After some drive for about fifteen minutes he had to use his brakes for the first time and at that they work properly since the oil was not drained so much that they fail. After that the turns and twists of the ghat region makes it necessary to use brakes more often and as he uses brakes more at every time some oil spills and as that continues to happen after some time his brakes begin to show difficulty in stopping or reducing the speed of the car. James does not understand how this happened and at that time he feels somebody is sitting in the back seat. As he sees the rear mirror he sees the ghastly face of Hemant. Hemant was crying and looking to him as if he was pleading for his life. James gets frightened at that and for a while becomes terrified at the sight of Hemant. He realizes that Hemant is doing something to his car and so it is not responding to the brakes. James wanted to get his mobile but soon he realizes that he does not have it. Probably he forgot to take it when he left the bungalow. He becomes frantic and at that after the next turn he even forgets to put the brakes to slow down the car and the car slips into the ravine that was next to the road. His car drops like a dead stone in that deep valley almost eight hundred feet drop. It was pitch dark and there were nobodies to watch what had happened but surely the sound of failing and eventual sound of crushing of the metal of that car and at the end of it a big flare of fire deep underneath the valley; James is gone for good. Second revenge, Hemant had taken with help of one of the culprits!

Next morning a lot of people had gathered at the spot where the car had fallen down. A lot of police force had gathered there and they were looking down to see the ravaged car. It was not easy to go down the valley. They were waiting for the proper experts to do the task of going down. James had no chance of coming out of that fall and his death was taken for granted by the police and surrounding crowd. Each one was talking out his imagination about how it must have happened. Some say the driver was drunk and so he could not manage the car on the turn. Some say it must be brake failure. As many options as many people. Police was busy preparing their documents. First thing they wanted to find out was who was in the car? If the car had many people in it? And such many routine inquiries. One person told the police that he had seen the car number and he could tell that number as there were not many cars passing by that time. It was night and not many cars had passed by the corner where he was seating. Being a local resident police accepted his information and thanked him. By that time some climbers from police department had come and they went down the deep and had reached the position of the car. The car was almost completely burnt up but some parts were not burnt as the dripping water from some stream nearby had made it wet enough that it saved it. In that they could see the number plate of the car. They told about it and luckily the number told by the witness was same. They traced it and in a very few minutes they came to know whose car it was. It was no doubt car of somebody from the city and the name was James. Investigating team of climbers also confirm that there were not many passengers and that means only drive was occupying the car at the time of the accident.

Much time had passed and finally they found that Mr. James had come to one bungalow owned by Mr. Sarang in Lonawla. Police inspector Patil orders his deputies to contact Mr. Sarang and they came to know that this Sarang is a very renowned advocate at the High Court. "Be careful while talking to Mr. Sarang." inspector cautions his subordinates with a smile. Soon a team of police party under sub-inspector Kambli, reaches to Sarang's house and enter it and knock on the door. Sarang had yet not got up as he was still under the influence of the drinks he had taken last night.

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