Friday, October 23, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 21

By late evening James gets up out of his slumber and tells his friend Sarang that he feels that he should go home and had enough of vacation. However, Sarang insists that they should stay for more time and chat on other topics to get relief from the pressure of the happenings in their life. James tells him there is a lot of pending work at his shop and that is why he cannot wait for that much time. After this talk Sarang stops pressing him as he knew James is not a person who can be persuaded for anything that is not in his mind. On that, Sarang tells him that at least he should take his evening supper and then move out to go home. James accepts that idea and they sit to talk on other matters while they were watching a pornographic movie on the TV. They were very particular about not chatting on Bali or Khalia and Hemant. Even though they were decided about that in one mind of each one of them there was lurking a feeling of fear that Heman's spirit is near about and watching them that feeling was making them very uncomfortable but one ever admitted of that and they pretended that there is nothing unusual around them. The effect of alcohol that James had consumed was as yet visible on him but James was a regular drinker and told Sarang that he can drive back home without any problem. Sarang warned him that if police patrol stop him and smell him they will surely notice that he has consumed alcohol and that may create difficulty. On that James smiles that tells him with assurance that he has habit ti take chances in life and so far he has been successful in his life only because he was taking such daring chance on every such occasion. On that Sarang prefers to keep quiet. Sarang finally requests that it will be good if James prefers to start at late night to avoid any police interference. His intentions were very vile, he wanted that James will be out on ghat when there will be not much of traffic so that he will not get any possible help in case his car's brakes fail; that was the very motive of Sarang that his plan work successfully. Luckily for Sarang James accepts that idea and tells him that he will wait until it is late night and then commence his journey back home. There was other intention in that and it was that as more time passes the effect of alcohol on home will be considerably reduced that he can drive better. On that James tells Sarang that since he ha to begin his journey back home at late night he would prefer to have a quick nap and take some sleep. Sarang likes the idea as he also wanted it that way.

Finally at about eleven thirty James wakes up and prepares to move out. Sarang also gets up and says farewell to him as James starts his car. That car moves out easily and vanishes in that darkness. Sarang relaxes in his sofa in his living room and wonders about if his plans work. He moves his head to see if Hemant is around. He does not get any hint that may suggest that the spirit of Hemant is anywhere near there. He tells himself that he has done something that Hemant wanted him to do and now let the matter be with the fate of James. If he is having stronger life line he shall survive that plan and then it is responsibility of Hemant. Hemant should not blame him that he did not try his best. There always is a limit to what one can do. One thought tells, may be now Hemant is with James and that too in his car waiting to see how brakes fail or not. While Sarang was busy in these type of thoughts, he hears a ring tone of a mobile from inside of his bungalow. He remembers that it is a ring tone of James' mobile. Sarang gets out of his sofa and slowly walks to that bedroom where James was sleeping. The ring was going on and he takes the phone a finds that it was really mobile of James. James had forgotten to take his mobile with him. Lazily he pick it and says, "hello",

It was a call from James' wife and she wanted to say good night to him as she was not knowing of the change of plan. Sarang after saying usual greetings tells her that James has left for home some thirty minutes past and he has forgotten to take his mobile with him. They both realize that under this situation it is not possible to call him and give the message of his wife as there was no means of communication. James' wife comes to know that her husband is on way and she will have him soon as the travel from Lonawla to his house would need not more that a couple of hours. They hang the phone. Sarang actually wanted to call James and find out how he is but now that was also not possible! Sarang prefers to retire to bed as he was feeling drowsy. Sarang goes to bed; not bothered about what happens to James, the only way was to get any information next morning.

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