Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 20

As planned Sarang and James begin their trip to Lonawla in James car. They reach the bungalow shortly and settle there comfortably. James was not aware of the wily plan of his friend, Sarang. As they had decided not to say anything about Hemant and Khalia they decide to spend there time listening to some soft music. Soon they get weary of all those old songs and prefer to be silent. After a while James takes out some disks of porno films and ask his friend if he has any objection to seeing them. Obviously Sarang approves of that idea and they sit in the living room of that spacious bungalow and begin to watch those films full of dances of naked women. While watching those sexy dances both of them begin to drink whiskey with some meat snacks and begin to enjoy the vacation. While James was thoroughly enjoying that repast Sarang was not so much interested in that. He was thinking on how to get his friend in a fix so that he will end his life without any blame coming to Sarang. Sarang after some thinking decides on something and gets up from his seat leaving James there. By that time James had already gone in the hold of the drinks and was sleeping while the film was being displayed. There was much loud sound coming from that film and it was not possible to hear any other sound in that vicinity. Sarang takes care that he is not under influence of the drink. He sees that his friend has gone in deep slumber, he gets up slowly and begins to walk out of the bungalow and reaches the place where Jame's car is parked. Sarang knows of car mechanism and he decides to make arrangement so that brakes of Jame's car will fail and he knew that if that happens on ghat road his car will fall along with him and that is the end of James. His plan was good but for that he has to do with brakes of that car himself. Because if he gets some other fellow to fix the brakes and on accident police will definitely call that mechanic and the whole game will get exposed. Sarang was a very shrewd advocate and this was the time that he plans well and commit a perfect crime so that it cannot be detected. That car was parked outside the garage and so it was open to view. That was not a good thing and so Sarang decides to get that car in the garage that wax only a few steps behind that place. He opens the door of his garage and begins to push that car himself. While he was doing that, his servant comes rushing to help him. Pleading to him that he should have told him to do that. Sarang does not says anything but only whispers to that servant that he did not want to disturb him as he was pretty busy with house chore.

Finally that car was properly pushed into that garage and outer door closed. The servant goes in that house to complete preparations for their evening meals. Sarang was constantly thinking about how to fix those brakes. In the meanwhile Sarang calls his servant and tells him that after he has finished the work he can leave the place and offers him a day's paid leave. That was not a new thing for that servant. It was a common practice and that servant becomes very happy on that and tells him that he will finish the work soon and leave the bungalow immediately.

Now Sarang is waiting for that servant to leave the bungalow. As the servant leaves the house Sarang changes to the dress of a mechanic and enters the garage through the door at attaches garage to his bungalow. He slips under the car and begins to locate the brake system and its pipes. On finding a joint to that pipe he begins to loosen the check nuts on that joint. By that he wanted to make the joint leaky. After some efforts he could make the joint just enough loosen so that a very tiny drop appears on it afet some time. Sarang's plan was obvious. When James will drive that car while driving he has to use brakes frequently and at every push on the brake pedal some oil will leak and by that a time will come when there will not be enough oil to work the brakes. As a result the car will go out of control and the expected shall happen and that he wanted to happen on the road at ghat. So that the car will drop in the valley with his friend and that was the end of James. After finishing his task, Sarang decides to take a nap while his friend was still in deep sleep.

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