Friday, October 2, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 19
In house of advocate Sarang while other households were preparing to resign to bed in Sarang's bedroom sarang was strolling in a very desparate mood. He appearec to have been ceased up by the idea that it could be his turn to die and this thought had mad him terribly uneasy. For the first time in life he felt fear for death. He was repeatedly telling to the ghost of Hemant, presuming that, that ghost of hemant is listening to him,

"Please let me alone, I did not want to kill you; you may know that from your powers that it was Bali and Khalia that they wanted to teach you a lesson but I was only with them, you must remember that I was pleading to help you and asked them that they do not hurt you but you know that they did not listen to me". While pleading in this manner he was repeatedly doing namaskar in air to somebody not visible, it was to Hemant's spirit and this was happening repeatedly. There was nobody in that room. In that sorry condition at last Sarang goes to sleep. In sleep he gets a dream and in that he sees Hemant looking to him. Hemant was appearing as if in a very triumphant manner. Hemant was looking down to him as if he is at some high level and Sarang is at some lower level. There Hemant tells him, "If you help me in killing James, I will leave you alone and will not kill you"! Sarang wakes up, he was profusely sweating, he gets up and sees that it was a dream but believing in that he feels some unusual pleasure that he had found a way to escape death! If he helps in killing James Hemant will not kill him. That thought made him very comfortable. Sarang gets up and looks around and sees his wife fast asleep. He looks towards the door of his bedroom and there he feels as if there is some person standing at the door. It was a very wispy vision but surely there was somebody, Sarang was feeling sure that it is a shadow of Hemant. Sarang assures to him that he shall help him in killing James and in return he should be spared! On that assurance wonderfully that faint vision of somebody gradually vanishes. Now Sarang gets a feeling that makes him feel better. His one mind tells him, "Well, you are going to kill your friend in exchange for your own life. Are you sure this is a good deal?" Sarang's second mind says, "I do not care what happens to James, so long as I live that is the deal and I will do it"!

Next day he gets up early morning he is in his best mood as he had got an assurance that he is spared if he helps Hemant I killing James. Sarang remembers the event when Hemant was killed by the group. He clearly remembers how James was enjoying the fearful face of that young Hemant. Sarang's mind reassured him that by all moral standards his decision to help Hemant in killing James is justified. Now the question was how to do it? Will Hemant tell him about it or he has to do it by himself? Sarang was at loss in that matter. However, finally Sarang decides that it is better that he takes up the initiative in this matter to show Hemant that he is very serious in helping Hemant in killing James. He decides to make a plan; but he wondered if Hemant had another plan why should he make a plan to kill him?
Sarang was soliloquizing, "I shall call James to my Lonawla bungalow, he likes that place and often request to visit it. If will definitely not reject the idea of going to stay for a week end". Sarang's plan was to kill him in that bungalow and dump him in the deep valley nearby. He wondered if Hemant's ghost accept that plan. However he had no time to think on all those things and in a hurry picks up phone and calls James. James receives that call and there Sarang tells him that he is very much annoyed by this problem of Hemant and to have some peace of mind he has decided to go to his Lonawla bungalow, and he wants to know if he is interested in joining him. James likes the idea as he was also equally disturbed about Hemant affair. He tells him his shop is closed on Saturday and Sunday and so if he makes the plan on these days it is suitable to him. James suggests that they call Bali also to join him. Sarang tells him that he can contact Bali and tell him the plan and if he agrees well and then all the three can go to his bungalow next week. On contacting Bali he comes to know that Bali is pretty busy on that week end in his hotel and may not be able to attend that meet. On hearing this Sarang actually feels good because he did not want to involve Bali in that plan. He thanks Hemant and actually feels that Hemant is looking to him and has approved the plan. James and Sarang finally decide that they will be going to Lonawla bungalow this week end. This gives Sarang a very unusual relief.

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