Thursday, September 24, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 18

Some days had passed after death of Khalia. Bali, James and Sarang were sitting in a spacious room in Bali's hotel. They were very much annoyed at the death of their best friend, Khalia. The way it had happened was more disturbing. They were chatting about what next Hemant is going to do. Sarang was wondering how to get out of this. James and Bali were not knowing what to do to get rid of Hemant. James was holding his palms behind his hand and in this posture was looking to the ceiling of that room wondering about what next is going to take place with them. Sarang desperately utters, "whose number is next?" after some time James gets out of his chair and begins to stroll in that big room holding his hands behind him and looking down to ground. Bali said, "I understand Hemant killing Khalia but why his wife is killed in the mean while?" to that Sarang answered,
"Hemant did not kill her, it was khalia's fury that killed her. We cannot say Hemant killed her. Had Khalia not become furious and thrown knife she would not die. We all know Khalia had hot temper and that his nature caused that unfortunate death".

On hearing that, James in fury hits a table in that room and that hitting hurts him so much that he begins to scream. Hurriedly he prefers to get to a chair nearby and sitting in that, holds his foot. It was really very painful. "What is wrong with you Sarang asks him, but he is in no mood to reply. This happening Sarang interprets as Hemant caused it so that James will suffer, but others ruled it out and ask Sarang to control himself and suggest that it is time when we should be keeping cool. To that Sarang tells them this fury that James showed is not good for any of us it is this fury that caused Khalia throw that knife and that killed his wife. We must not become furious under any circumstance, he proposed. Mental condition of all of them had been completely disturbed and they did not understand what they can do if Hemant comes again. On that Sarang suggests that they should surrender to Hemant ask his forgiveness. However, other two refuse to believe that such moves can change his attitude towards them.

Bali losing his control begins to cry, "Now I fully believe that this ghost of Hemant can do anything it wishes and we do not have any chance against him. James warns him, "Please do not talk it aloud, they say even walls can hear what we talk and I am sure this ghost of Hemant is not very far from us, may be he is looking at us and listening to what we talk". If we suffer like this and talk so that we may get exposed for the wrong we did many years ago and that will cause loss of respect from society which we are enjoying so far and therefore we should keep cool and wait and watch what happens next. Who, Hemant will kill next, was the question that disturbed them.

Sarang had become very nervous and begins to cry like a child, others try to control him but it was not easy to stop him as they were also suffering the same problem. Fear had taken them over completely. They had lost the confidence of which they were very proud, particularly Bali. That meeting ends in this sorry mood. They sit in that room for a long time. Several phones calling them to attend their offices so that they can go to their business but they did not have any mind for that. Negativity had over taken them, they had lost their courage. In a faint voice they looking to nowhere folding their hands requested Hemant to stop killing them and allow them to live. As they utter it, they hear a faint whisper from nowhere that curses them.

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