Thursday, September 10, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 17
Inspector Patel told them that if we declare him as a psychological case he will be released and may be he will have to resign also but that is better than getting a life imprisonment for this killing. In that meeting they decide how to save their friend and contact him to tell him that he is secured and need not worry about any arrest. They attempt to call him on his mobile but Khalia does not take that call. Finally inspector Patil decided to go to his house and talk to him and tell him the decision they have taken. All his colleagues were feeling confident that their move will make Khalia happy. With this belief Patil and Patel together begin to move to Khalai's residence. By now all crowd had dispersed and there were no body at the flat of Khalia. The door was closed but not shut. They tap on it but no response they get so they slowly open the door and enter the apartment. There was nobody in the first room so they begin to search for Khalia in other rooms. They knew that since his daughter is gone with her grandmother there will be only Khalia. So they search and call him in a very soft manner so that he should not feel offended. Khalia was already much disturbed because of what had happened suddenly in his beautiful life. They come to his bed room and see that the room is closed and locked from inside. Patil taps on the door and call him. They feel that there was some movement in the room but on body responses them.

"Please say something we are your friends, I am Patil and with me is Patel. Do not feel offended and open the door. We have to take you to the police station but know for sure we are not going to do anything that can offend you". Patil reassures him. However, there was no response. This behavior of their friend perturbs them and they do not understand what is going on in that room. Now they gradually raise their voice and tell him that let law do its work, we assure you, you will be saved from any severe action. Therefore, do not feel afraid and open the door. All this cuddling and more does not help them in getting him out their friend inspector Khalia. Finally inspector decides to warn Khalia that if he does not open on his own they will have to break the door and get him. While saying this warning both his friends feel very awkward but there was no other way but to finally warm him the way police do to any criminal. There was no response to that also. Finally they decide to open the door by breaking it. Inspector Patil was wondering what must have happened to their friend, has he taken any extreme step to end this unfortunate upshot.

While these thoughts were emerging in his mind they hear sound of gun shot. This quickens them and start hitting on the door. More constables were called and they open the door. As they enter the room they see that Khalia has shot himself by his service revolver. His body was lying on floor in pool of blood. Blood was still oozing from his wound in his head. The sight was very pathetic. They see around to find if there is any other thing to notice but they do not see anything excepting a rolling chair moving slightly. As if somebody has just got out from it.

That was end of Khalia one of the killers of Hemant.

Story continues in the next post,

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