Monday, August 31, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 16

The body of Khalia's wife was taken away for postmortem and after that ritual was over they decide to begin his friends interrogation in the house of Khalia. That room was filled to jam pack by curious onlookers from that colony. Buzz of whispering by them was quiet audible and so inspector Marsha requests then to keep silent so that the colleagues of Khalia may explain the cause behind this unfortunate event. From the way Marshal was talking it was very evident that he was feeling very sorry for the death of his friend, Khalia.

"Do you meant to say that, it is the spirit of your old college colleague that actually Khalia wanted to hit and in the process he wrongly hit his wife who was in between that Hemant's apparition and Khalia"? Finally marshal asks to them.

You got it right, Khalia and we all are being pestered by this apparition for some time for all these days and he wants to revenge us for what had happened during his life time. James told them in one breathe. The crowd was now getting to know what caused Khalia to throw the knife at door where presumably this apparition of Hemant was standing and he did not see his wife who was also standing there.

Marshal looking to Khalia asked curiously, "Do you see him now in the room"?

"No", Khalia replied by shaking his head and did not utter anything. However, that was good enough for the police to understand what caused this accident. "Dear friend Khalia", inspector Patel began to say, even if this is the truth we cannot put it in front of judiciary, as you know well, law does not accept existence of ghosts or apparitions of dead people. Therefore, we cannot help you with this explanation. Law will say it was a homicide without intention and so you will not be hanged but surely you will go to life!" after that preliminary talk they resign to their police station and told Khalia that he will have to come to that police station to complete the procedure, inspector Patel told him, since he is a responsible officer from the department they do not want to take him to the police station. He should come on his own. On that Khalia thanks them. Crowd that had gathered disperses. For the first time after this incidence there was quiet in that house. The three friends gather together and now sit in the living room, they decide to discuss what next move to be with Hemant. Sarang had lost his confidence and told them that. "We are going to killed in this way! We have no chance to come out of it".

Here at the police station other inspectors gather to decide how to manage this unusual situation. Inspector Marshal suggests to his colleagues; "We have to save Khalia from this hassle. He has not murdered his wife, it is an accident and we should try to save him from this situation". Everybody there agree to it but the question is how to achieve it?

Inspector Patel suggests, "We will frame him as mentally unstable person and by that the act can be interpreted as act under influence of that condition". Other inspector suggests if there is any possibility to curb the whole matter. On that they look to each other and show interest in that idea. He told, "We have been curbing many real murders in our work to save our friends then why cannot we do it with this case. We can show the death as suicide by his wife and hat is fine, if we do not pres for it nobody will be waning to challenge it. There is no proper witness to it and we can easily convince daughter of inspector Kamatkar, Vibhawari to change her statement to save Khalia". We must do something to save our colleague, he is innocent. He vehemently presses for that demand. He further suggested that by doing it we can save our friend and help him. While they were talking like this, Patel gets a feel that something passed brushing on his shoulders, he quickly looks around but sees nothing. Other officers ask him why he moved in that fashion as if somebody hit him. Patel could not say anything on that. That matter was dismissed by them but we know it was Hemant watching those police officers in their station.

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