Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 15

Khalia requests crowd gathered in front of his door to wait for a while so that his friends will come and explain something very quivering truth connected with what has happened. Though he knew they will not believe the story at first hand. This assurance confuses them all. They begin to whisper amongst themselves about what it means? How can his friend know why Khalia shot a knife on his wife while she was at the entrance door? However, they decided to wait until his friends arrive. Police officers also decide to have patience since Khalia was one of them and a very senior level office in the police department. In the meanwhile Khalia's mother-in-law comes to see what has happened. She collects her grand daughter to her heart and ask her what is the matter so that her father killed her mother. The girl refuses to accept that her father killed her mother. She repeatedly reaffirms to her grandmother that even she does not know why dad killed her mom. Their conversation was going on right in front of the crowd of police men. But then why he did it? Everybody was wondering and as that type of thinking began to gain ground some of them realized that something unusual is definitely behind that happening. Grandmother tells Khalia that she would take her grand daughter with her to their house since police action will definitely take away Khalia into the prison for further inquiry. Khalia mutely accepts the suggestion but keep silent. He had as yet not recovered from the shock of what had happened. Some neighboring women begin to come on the scene and give their condolences to Khalia and his daughter. The scene was very pathetic. Some of them were good friends of his wife and so they could not control, began to cry aloud that made the scene all the more pitiful.

Khalia was occasionally looking around to see if he could have a glance of Hemant in that crowd. He was sure that this ghost of Hemant was somewhere around and watching what is happening. But he could not see him anywhere. He repeatedly calls his friends to find out why they are not coming. The calls were not answered as the friends were busy preparing to come to his house.

Finally they come to his house. Sarang was not in a position to talk to anybody; he was more depressed than Khalia even though it was Khalia who was under attack of their prime enemy, Hemant. Bali and James looked to Khalia with inquisitiveness they did not ask any question to him knowing fully well that Khalia wanted to hit Hemant but since he is not a person the shot hit wife and she died. Now crowd and in that particularly police inspector Patel comes forward and asks Khalia, "Can I start my interrogation with your friends?" he nods affirmatively.

Mr. Patel begins to ask first Bali about what is the matter. Bali tells him that whatever he shall tell will be true and requests them to believe what he shall speak without doubts. He further tells them that the thing that he will divulge is most bizarre and under normal conditions nobody will accept it but it is the only truth with regards to this unfortunate death of their friends dear wife.

"Never mind, go ahead and tell that bizarre truth". Inspector Patel was grinning when he said "bizarre". That really disturbed them, the friends of Khalia and himself, but they had no choice and kept silent. Bali began to tell them but he could not understand from what point shall he begin to tell the story of Hemant. He cannot tell that they have killed him! That could be very dangerous for all of them and so she became silent for a while. This his silence irritates inspector but he does not show it on his face. Looking to his other colleagues he finally begins to tell about Hemant. Bali first tells him that Hemant was their college friend and he hated them because they were better than him in all respects. When Bali begins to talk like this, a complete untruth, Sarang becomes very upset. He could not control himself and begins to shiver and then falls down. This disturbance created confusion in the crowd, they could not understand why Sarang a noted advocate in the city has become unconscious. This disruption brings commotion in that crowd and they begin to feel that the matter must be really very interesting. They begin to send messages to their friends and call them to attend the interrogation. This makes the crowd swell gradually. In the meanwhile inspector Marshal orders his police officer to call for ambulance to collect the body and take it for postmortem.

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