Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Last revenge

Part 14

There was a knock on his front door and there Khalia realized that police has finally arrived to take up the investigation. He also realized that there is no way but to open the door and face the situation. He opens the door and there inspector Marshal was standing to greet him. Marshal sees the blood spread on the floor and also body of Mrs. Khalia. Her neck had big gashing wound and now the blood had stopped but her body was drenched in her blood. Marshal looks to the mortal remains of that woman and also to Khalia alternatively. Both Marshal and Khalia were good friends and that made things more difficult for him to apprise. With question mark on his face he looks to Khalia and mutely asks him how this happened? Then he said, "I know how much you appreciated your wife, Khalia but then why you decided to murder her"?

"Please do not say that". "I did not murder her, I cannot even think of doing it; believe me, I loved her like nothing else; we were a perfect couple you know it marshal; then how you say I murdered her? It was a very sorry accident. I threw knife on somebody else to keep him away from her but instead of him it hit my wife and she..." Khalia again began to moan. He repeatedly requested all those who were present that to believe his version of the happening. After some lull inspector Marshal asked whom you wanted to hit?

On that query Khalia kept silent, he could not get how to tell them of Hemant. He knew for sure that the crowd will never believe him but he has no choice and so he tells them that he saw a young person standing on the door and he wanted to hit him but unfortunately it hit his wife and she died. The story was not convincing because in Vibhawari's statement which police had already recorded before opening the door of Khalia, she had not mentioned of any young man standing on that door. In fact she had recorded that she saw only Khalia's wife standing on the door. The question was obviously clear and that means Khalia was hiding something from the police.

Inspector Patel intervenes and tells Khalia that Vibhawari is sole eye witness of the incidence and in her statement she has not mentioned of any other person having been standing on that door at that point of time. On this Khalia does not say anything because he knew that he cannot tell of Hemant. No body would accept his explanation. He could not understand how to explain these people about presence of Hemant. On that he after waiting for some time requests them that he wants to call somebody and asked their permission to call him. Marshal asks him whom he wants to call. Khalia tells him that he wants to call his attorney Mr. Sarang. They all knew that Mr. Sarang and Khalia are good friends. Marshal allows him to call Sarang.

As Sarang gets the call and hears of what had happened at Khalia's house he begins to shiver. Nevertheless, he decides to contact other friends and tells them what has happened at Khalia's house. He in short tells them that Hemant has taken his first victim. A wave of freight moves through them. They decide to reach Khalia's house and try to help him in his worst time.

Story continues in the next post,

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