Thursday, July 30, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 13

Vibhawari could not bear the sight of that Khalia's wife dropping down righ in front of her. The girl was só much frightened at that she began to shout loudly. At that very moment Khalia had come on scene and she could see him trying to remove the knife out of her neck. That young girl seeing all that fainted on the floor. All these things happen in fraction of a second that by the time Khalia realizes that Vibhawari has seen him with knife in his hand and the fact that she also saw him removing it from his wife's neck; it was too late to do anything to avoid it. khalia realized that the situation is very grim. First of all she had a shock of his life that he has accidenly though actually murdered his beloved wife, whom he loved só deeply that the thing he could not apprehend properly, did it really happened that I killed my wife? Khalia was wondering about and in those thoughts he was standing in the door for a moment and then he decided to remove her body inside and he did it and then closed the door. At that he saw his daughter bewildered and was looking to him not knowing what has happened to her mother and why she is lying on floor, her father looking on her and around in dazed mood.

Hard boiled police officer that he was, he could not understand what next to do. All that had happened was beyond his appraisal. The very idea that his wife is just dead and he has done it was simply not acceptable to him. For the first time in his life he felt so much nervous and helpless.

Because of the sound of Vibhawari's shouting people in that building began to come out of their apartments. First was her father, Mr. Kamatkar, he was also an officer of similar rank and when he had come out Khalia had already shut his door and there was Vibhawari fallen on ground in a dazed condition. She was slowly recovering from her shock but yet not completely out of that. Mr. Kamatkar helped his daughter and asked her why she shouted. She could not say anything but mutely pointed towards the door of Khalia's apartment. The door by that time was closed and therefore, Kamatkar could not understand her. He appeared much perplexed at that and repeatedly requested to be calm and he was more interested in getting his daughter out of that condition than what caused it to her. Slowly more people in that building began to gather around Vibhawari. Vibhawari was very fond of khalia's wife, in fact they were more like friends even though Vibhawari was a very young girl fit to be Khalia's daughter. As she saw her falling down with knife in her neck she could not understand how that knife had pierced her neck; because she had not seen anybody shooting it on her from inside the room. As more men collected they began to see at the door of Khalia. They also were surprised that though all neighbors had collected why only Khalia was not coming out of his house. Kamatkar began to see the floor near the door and there he could spot some blood stains on the floor and also on door mat that was kept outside that door. He could measure that that blood was fresh and otherwise also there was no possibility of having any blood in that place. He called police. Other neighbor ringed bell of Khalia's door. They were waiting for Khalia to open the door but for quite some time Khalia had not opened the door. They became suspicious and began to bang on the door and call Khalia warning him that he must better open the door or police will have to break it open.

That building was a police quarter and so everybody in that house belonged to some or the other department of police. They began to discuss about what must have happened so that Vibhawari shouted and then pointing to Khalia's house; they were anxious to ask her but her father had requested them to wait until she recovers from the shock. Inside of Khalia situation was worst as his daughter had begun to cry knowing that her mother is no more. A very happy family was shattered in no time and the way everything had happened was simply beyond nobody's apprehension. Khalia himself was not out of the shock that he killed her and now he began to visualize what next is going to happen as police will come on the scene. He was busy trying to console his daughter whose weeping had already become very loud. He was wondering whether he should open the door; but there was no other option to him. At that moment while he was standing close to her body he could feel that there is somebody in that room and watching him. Who was it? Khalia could not see anybody but could feel some eerie presence in that room. Finally he decided to open the door and give confession to those who will ask him about the accidental happening that caused death of his dear wife. Khalia was wondering if anybody there will accept his explanation that he had thrown the knife on somebody else and not his wife? He could hear the sound of police van approaching the building and much noise of many people in the neighborhood. Khalia was never so much depressed and he began to cry.

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