Monday, July 20, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 12

Khalia is enjoying his breakfast in his spacious house sitting in his dining room which is very decently decorated with most expensive furniture. The entrance of that flat was exactly in front of their dining table and Khalia was sitting in such a position that the door was right in front of him. That door was open and there was a passage leading to other side of the flat.

He is accompanied by his beautiful but a little buxom wife. She was busy preparing for the breakfast for the family and khalia with his daughter were waiting to begin their sumptuous repast. While she is preparing to serve the food they were enjoying chatting on many subjects of their immediate concern. Khalia remembered many events those took place in his life and all of a sudden he recollected that sorry event when he with his friends had accidentally killed Hemant. Even so as per his cruel and careless nature he began to laugh at that sight. Then he looks to his wife and recount, "Dear, let me tell you if that young boy Hemant come in front of me, I will ask him, why he does not trouble him as he does to Sarang and Bali? Then he challenged Hemant to come right there. After saying that he began to laugh loudly. Khalia looked up and there he saw a vision of Hemant at the door. Passage facing his front door was not well lighted even though it was morning. Hemant's apparition was not close to the door but a little away and there his teeth were shining in that dim light. His face was fearsome and his skin was white like chalk. The sight was really frightening. Khalia keeps looking to that sight and there he forgets his laughter. He becomes very stern, he never had any such experience in his life. For the first time in his life he had become so much helpless. It was short of crying, Khalia became very stiff and lost any courage of facing that apparition. Hemant's ghost was slowly moving towards that open door. Khalia's wife was so much busy in her work and she was having her back to that door. She did not see anything. She was almost unsuspecting of what was Khalia experiencing. But when he began to shout she was confused as to why he is shouting like mad. She looked to him and as she saw that he was looking to the door she turned and looked back to the door. There she did not see anything but just an open door. Khalia gaining false courage since he was a police officer he could not tolerate that something is frightening him. He asked in loud voice to the ghost of Hemant, "What you are doing here in front of my house? Khalia's wife sees nobody and by intuition slowly walks towards the door and reaching there she holding the door frame in her both hands looks outside. Even at that she sees nobody. Now she looks back to her husband and keep wondering what is gone wrong with her husband. Her daughter also follows her to the door and goes outside of that door and moves in the passage to see with whom her farther is talking. But she does not see anybody either. Both women surprised at his unusual behavior prefer to keep quiet lest he does not become more angry. While she was at the door, here, Khalia lifts knife kept there to cut fruits and in a rage throws it to the door. That knife swiftly moves to the door and there hits back of Khalia's wife's neck. At that she collapses down immediately. When he had taken aim at the door it was Hemant and not his wife; he had not seen his wife standing at the door he saw only the apparition of Hemant. He wanted to hit him and so he had thrown that knife. However, as she collapsed he realizes what he has done. That when he sees, he has hit his wife and not Hemant, Khalia does not understand what is happening. In the first, he refuses that he has hit his wife who he loved immensely. One can imagine in what a terrible situation he must have gone on seeking his wife in pool of blood. He realizes that he has murdered his wife. His mind suggests to him that now he must do something quickly to cover up for what has happened. His police an also criminal mind tells him to reach the open door and first shut it before anybody sees that. As he reaches the door he hears somebody's foot steps. Before he could close the door he sees daughter of his neighbor Mr. Kamatkar, Vibhawari. She was climbing the staircase. She as sees that sight...

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