Friday, July 10, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 11

Bhujangnath begins to laugh at this question and begins to tell about his past life.
"I am engineer trained in software technology and was working for a renowned software corporation. That is why I can explain things in modern scientific terms".
"How you turned to this occult science of dead spirits and black magic? Bali questions.
"This is not black magic, do not call it magic. It is a full-fledged science. Hindus developed it and perfected it so well that we can work with these spirits of dead people and communicate to find out what they desire". Bhujangnath retorted vehemently. He did not bother to explain how and why he took to this and became a Tantrik. After that Bhujangnath began to explain further how these spirits of dead persons develop ahead.
"As our children after birth keep growing similarly these ghosts of dead persons continue to grow as ghosts in that metaphysical format. As our children gradually gain in strength and become stronger as they grow similarly these ghosts also keep growing in their specific strength. This spirit of Hemant is now very strong and full of vengeance against you people. In your particular case I see that this spirit of Hemant is full of vengeance and since his complain is valid, nobody can stop him from doing what it wants to do to you fellows. You are his defaulters! Even god will not interfere in his action against you fellows".
After saying this Bhujangnath keeps looking to the two friends. Trying to assess their reaction.
"See the blood on your forehead this wound was caused by him and that shows that he is around you keeping watch on you two". Bhujangnath utters looking to Bali's forehead.

On hearing these comments of Bhujangnath arrogant Bali furiously looks to Sarang and exclaims, "That means this Tantrik is of no use for us! We should not waste out time here".

On hearing his utterance Sarang signs to Bali to keep quiet and asks him to wait. In spite of that Bali keeps yelling against Bhujangnath and his science. Bhujangnath realizes that they are not any further interested in his help and he gets up from his seat and moves in inner chambers.

They begin their journey back home as they realize that their purpose of taking help of Bhujangnath was not going to help them. They began the journey and this time Bali was driving and Sarang was sitting next to him. After they had gone some distance away from the Math of Bhujangnath suddenly Bali put breaks and stops the car. This causes a strong jolt and Sarang hits on the dash board so hard that he begins to curse Bali. Due to that blow Sarang begins to bleed from his nose.

"What is wrong with you, why you did this"? Sarang inquires.
Bali does not say anything for some time and after a pause he tells Sarang that he saw Hemant sitting in the rear seat of the car through the rear mirror. As he saw him he could not drive further and put breaks intuitively. They continue the travel as there they see that nobody was sitting in the rear seat. But this makes them remember the sayings of Bhujangnath, he had told them that spirit of Hemant is keeping watch on them and following them.

Sarang suggest that they should return to Bhujangnath and continue with him to do something possible to stop this spirit. However, Bali without saying anything continues to drive away from the Math back home.

Bali suggests that they should inform other friends about what has happened of their visit to Bhujangnath and only after that they should decide whether to call back to this Tantrik or not.

Story continues in the next post,

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