Monday, June 29, 2015

Last Revenge

part 10

Bhujangnath begins to explain to them, "Look, there are cosmic laws those control and motivate all activities". To call a ghost for explanation that ghost should be at fault but here I see the ghost you talk of is not at fault. In such a situation even God will not be able to call a ghost in this way. Bhujangnath began to explain situation to Sarang and Bali.

Bhujangnath further continues, "In addition to this now this ghost of Hemant is about fifteen years old that means as a ghost it has grown much older. You people should understand that as we grow and as that we also grow in strength similarly when a person dies, that person is borne as a new ghost and that is his new life as ghost. Death on one side is birth on the other side. As we grow from childhood to youth similarly these ghosts also grow from their childhood to youth and as that happens they become more powerful and are not easy to manage particularly if the ghost is not at fault".

"Look to blood on your forehead", Bhujangnath tells Bali pointing to his forehead. This blood shows that the ghost of Hemant is following you and he is very close to you and watching all your activities".

After saying this Bhujangnath looks to them and awaits their reaction. For some moments both friends do not get what they can say about it. After some silence Bali tells Bhujangnath that they fail to apprehend what he was telling. He exclaimed, "Sir we are confused, please it will be better, if you explain these things in more so that we can understand what is the matter".

Bhujangnath had anticipated this reaction from them and so he gave a smile and began to explain.
"Let me explain this to you. In this cosmos there are living beings of two types. One type is considered as physical species and other is metaphysical. Physical species are visible because they have visible body. Metaphysical species are not visible because the body they have is in micro form, so minute that they are invisible, when a person dies he or she enters in this metaphysical species called Ghost, there are many such metaphysical species and they are all invisible. Because they do not have visible body they are more powerful in many ways than a human being. The science of these metaphysical species is called Aghori vidya. We tantrik work in this science. Present science is based on only physical experience and completely refuse to accept that there at all could be any existence other than physical. Because of this adamance on the part of modern science, people fail to understand many things happening in this world".

Bhujangnath stops and looks to them if they have any inquiry about what he had just explained. As a matter of facts this explanation was so astounding to both of them that for a while they were spell bound on that. However, after some time Bali gained his confidence and feels like asking some questions which always had pestered him. He asks Bhujangnath, "Sir, I want to know how a photo of such ghosts is possible. I have read in one magazine that in west somebody has taken photos of ghosts. Please explain if that is possible or it is just another hoax?" Bali looks to Bhujangnath with much anticipations.

Bhujangnath looks very pleased on hearing this question and adjusts his seat and sits more comfortably with a smile on his face. Then he begins to explain, "I have told you that when a person dies he/she enters in a micro body. This micro body emits infrared rays of certain frequency and if there is any camera that can detect that frequency, yes, that camera can photograph ghost!"

On hearing this explanation both friends, Sarang and Bali, look much perplexed but that explanation appears to be convincing to Bali and he wonders how a tantrik like Bhujangnath could give such a scientific reply? He became curious about the past life story of Bhujangnath.

"I apologize for asking this question but can I know; how Tantrik like you could explain about this query and that also in such a scientific style". Bali queries.

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