Saturday, June 20, 2015

Last Revenge

part 10

Sarang and Bali hurriedly finish the simple meal that Bhujangnath serves them and come out to the room where Bhujangnath is sitting. Occupying their place on the carpet, Bali for he first time speaks to Bhujangnath and tells him he had to help them in getting rid of that pestering of Hemant's ghost. He loudly warns Bhujangnath that whatever he wants they shall pay but he must get that Hemant out of their way! Bhujangnath silently listens and with a smile gives him assurance that the matter is within his powers and he will get them out of that spirit's hold soon. This assurance makes them feel better.

Sarang impatiently tells Bhujangnath, "we have been seeing ghost of Hemant repeatedly these days, what does it mean"? Sarang asks.
He further continued, "Whatever you do we shall pay for it but we do not want that ghost of Hemant to bother us any more".
On hearing that Bhujangnath began to smile. He shook his head and as he did that his long grown hair also shook violently. That looks rather strange and Bali could not avoid to notice that. Bali asks Bhujangnath, "What make you smile"?
Bhujangnath did not bother to reply to it and continues to look to Sarang expecting more inputs on the topic from him. Bali was not his first acquaintance.
Sarang continues, "This troubles all of us so much that we cannot do our usual work normally". I particularly feel very much afraid since I see him almost everywhere. I cannot explain what type of torture it is". I cannot do my work as an advocate because of this. Sarang stops at that looking ot Bhujangnath with expectations. Bali was hearing but at the same time he was now watching that room, looking all over that room.
On hearing Sarang's that explanation Bali came to know for the first time that Sarang was in a deeper trouble as he was seeing Hemant repeatedly. This knowledge surprised him but he kept quiet.

After that conversation Bhujangnath closes his eyes and sits silent; presumably he had gone in meditation mood. Sarang and Bali see that and after exchanging each other's sight remain silent waiting for the outcome of that meditation.

After some time Bhujangnath opens his eyes and sternly looks at both of them and now in a voice of scolding he inquires, "You and your friends have killed this innocent man during your college days. Tell me is it true? Bhujangnath is looking to both of them with disdain in his eyes.

Sarang looks very much distressed and quietly murmurs the confession of the murder they had done unwittingly in those days.

Unwittingly or wittingly a murder is murder; Bhujangnath scolds.
"We were immature and whatever happened was due to that but now we feel very sorry for what has happened. Sarang admits. We have come to you for solution to this problem, we cannot bring hi mall his years back to him so now what else can be done to resolve this problem; please help us".
Immature people do not kill any body; it was your excessive pride that caused this event and you cannot avoid its repercussions. Bhujangnath told them.

Bali interferes and suggests, "we are ready to compensate if his family wants".
Can you bring Hemant to them? Bhujangnath asks in irritating voice.
Both Sarang and Bali had no reply and so they sit quietly waiting for Bhujangnath to cool down.
Is there any repentance like thing to do? I am ready to do it but please stop this at any cost, Sarang repeatedly requests him with folded hands. On that intuitively Bali also folds his hand to Bhujangnath.
Looking to that he feels some sympathy for them and cools down. Now in normal voice he begins to explain what can be done in such a situation.

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