Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Last Revenge

part 8

Sarang holds Bali and tries to revive him. Sarang feels that this has something to do with the wrong act of Bali to urinate near that tree with red stones. Already frightened and demoralized Sarang curses Bali for his adventurism on wrong occasions. He sees that luckily for them Bali had become unconscious due to pain and in the bottle there was nothing so harmful that can faint him. The bottle contained in it some tincture of Mercurochrome. Sarang takes it and applies on his wounds. While he was doing it he hears some sounds of steps approaching that place. Sarang look up and sees that two young men were standing away from them on the passage and they were about to approach him.

Sarang guesses that they must be people staying in that house and so he pleads for their help. To his surprise they slowly move towards the house not even looking to him and his friend. They enter into the house. This behavior of these two young men was very queer for Sarang. He was expecting that looking to the condition of Bali, at least they should have come to ask for help but nothing of that sort happened. Sarang decides to leave that creepy place and he with great efforts tries to hold Bali and begins to walk towards their car. Dragging Bali along. He knew that ones they are in car they will not stop at anything, make beeline to Bhujangnath's place. By now Bali had begun to get consciousness and he responded to Sarang as he could walk with efforts. With much efforts finally they reach the car and they see that doors of their car were wide open. Sarang wondered if they had left them open or what? He could not recollect. That was no time to think on those things. They got into the car and now Sarang at the steering wheel they started the car and shot away. Sarang was profusely sweating even though it was not very hot at that hour. Slowly Bali comes out of the swoon and begins to look around. "Thank god, things were not that bad. At least I got some first aid!" Bali blurts out to himself. Then he makes himself more comfortable in his seat and looking to Sarang with a smile tells him now he feels better. At that time Sarang was thinking about those two young people he saw near that house. He wonders, from where they came and how is it that they did not even bothered to look at him or his friend?

Sarang tells Bali about those two men and on hearing that Bali suggests that they should go back and meet them so that they may be able to get some place to rest. Sarang tells him that the behavior of those two men was not normal, they even did not bother to look at them while Sarang was in need of help. On hearing that Bali brushes it away and tells him that they may not be of the type who look around, they may be of the type who mind their own business. Sarang refuses to return back to that creepy place. He was already much afraid of that place and he did not want to encourage any more of adventurism of his friend.

Bali repeatedly requested Sarang to go back to that house but Sarang was in no mood to listen to him. The car kept on at speed moving towards the place of Bhujangnath. Bleeding of Bali's wound had stopped and now he was feeling much better. Bali tells Sarang that he is not in fever of connecting that event of falling and wound to any other matter such as that creepy house or even Hemant. He opined that if Hemant was involved in any of these things then, as per their previous experience, they would hear the sound of moaning of Hemant as it always happened whenever Hemant encountered them. Sarang agrees to it that point and accepts the suggestion of Bali that all that happened was a pure accident and has nothing particular to be considered seriously. Nevertheless, Sarang in his mind was feeling that something is accompanying them while they were traveling in that car. They were cruising, none was talking and that was because both of them had some doubts about all that had happened. Even though Bali brushed it aside as mere accident in his mind he was doubting that thought of his. He did not want his friend to become panicky, he knew his friend was an emotional type of a person and wanted to keep him safe from all those creepy ideas. After some time Bali broke silence by asking Sarang, "How much more we have to go"?
"Another ten minutes of run and we shall be probably at the Matt of Bhujangnath". Sarang replied quietly. Even though blood flow had stopped Bali was now having a mild head pain due to that fall, he was holding his head trying to content that pain.

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