Saturday, May 9, 2015

Last revenge

Part 6

Who is that man? Bali asks Sarang. Sarang tells him is name, Bhujangnath all call him Sarang concludes. Sarang further tells him that Bhujangnath is not any professional wizard but an ascetic with some superpowers. He can communicate with spirits of dead persons. Sarang suggests to Bali that if they go to him and ask about the spirit of Hemant they may be able to know the real situation properly. It will be better to do that than keep wondering and worrying about Hemant's ghost. Sarang also tells Bali that if possible Bhujangnath may lock up that spirit of Hemant and help us provided, we convince him about it. And if that can happen will it not be good for us? Sarang puts the question to Bali for his approval.
While they were busy conversing in this way, phone begins to wring. Bali takes the phone and there he hears sound of moaning of Hamant! Exactly the same sound as what they had heard him crying when they were beating him! As he listens that sound of moaning receiver of the phone drops from his hand. Sarang was seeing that and begins to wonder what happened so that Bali dropped the receiver?
Hi, Hello, what is the matter? Sarang inquires to Bali but for that moment Bali was not in a position that he could say anything in reply. That perplexes Sarang more and feels a creeping sense within him. Sarang lifts the receiver and puts it on the phone and asks by gestures only to Bali to relax; even though he was himself continuously feeling that creepy impression within him. After some moments Bali regains his courage and his eyes become normal, they were wide open as if he has seen something eerie.
"What was that"? Sarang asks Bali.
For some moments Bali does not reply but then he regains his tone and tells Sarang that he heard the moaning of Hemant, exactly the one, they had heard when they were beating him fifteen years ago!
"My Gosh", Sarang exclaimed, stood up intuitively, now he began to shiver as he was sure for himself that Hemant is trailing them.
"I am sure Hemant's spirit is watching us and now he knows what we are planning." Sarang keeps shouting, "he is watching us, he is watching us", repeatedly as if he had lost control on him.
To that, Bali now with renewed strength replies in husky voice that they cannot now sit quiet and must do something to control this spirit of Hemant.
"If you are sure of this ascetic Bhujangnath, we shall immediately contact him and try to put Hemant's spirit in bottle for good". Bali orders.
Bali then asks Sarang how he happened to know of this ascetic.
Sarangs then tells him that during his career as an advocate he meets many types of people and in one such case he had occasion to know of him from one of his clients.
"Never mind it, let us immediately plan to visit Bhujangnath's asylum, Bali tells Sarang.
"Should we inform others to join us"? Asks Sarang to Bali. Bali tells him that we do not have much time for all those formalities. We can do it by ourselves and after meeting Bhujangnath if he wants all of us to go there then we can again go to his place. Right now we should start without wasting time. Bali recommends however, Sarang insists that they must at least inform them about this plan and after what they say we should move. It is not proper to go ahead without informing them. On that Bali contacts James and tells him about this plan to visit a place of an ascetic to resolve this problem of Hemant. Sarang contacts Khalia and tells him about this plan to visit Bhujangnath, on that both of them tell them that they can go ahead with it and on coming back they will decide what next to do. Both of them agree that it is always possible to go again and that settles the issue.
Bali takes out his limousine and they start to the asylum of Bhujangnath. That place was about a few kilometers away and would take at least three hours. The place was not in any habited place but in a remote secluded location so much so that no body usually be there. As they turn their car on that dusty pass which nobody can call a proper road but good enough so that one can travel. On both sides of the pass there were trees and bushes all over. As they moved further they realized that they were on a remote route, not frequented often by people.

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