Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Last revenge

Part 5

On one of such a day when they had gathered in hotel of Bali the topic of Hemant comes up for discussion as usual and there James begins to shout loudly and tells them with added confidence that he does not believe in Ghosts and any apparitions and he is not afraid of Hemant's apparition. He continues to yell in this way as if he had become hysteric. Others did not try to pacify him as they were also worried about this topic as much as James himself. There was some silence after that but at that moment they see that one panel of the door of the room shuts with a bang; disturbing that eerie silence. This frightens them but only continues to shout after that. Sarang falls as he faints out of fear of Hemant.
He stands up from his seat and looking to air shouts to Hemant moving his hands in air as if he wanted to call him and challenge him.
"Come on, you spirit of Hemant, I am not afraid of anybody here. I am strong. You can do nothing to me. James continues shouting and challenging spirit of Hemant which no body could see. Why you hit on that door, come and try to hit me, I am not afraid of you". James again challenges Hemant.
While James was shouting to Hemant's spirit other two friends, Khalia and Bali approached the door that was hitting on the frame. They wanted to find out why that door was hitting on the frame? Actually there was no wind or any other reason for that door to hit in that way. They move through the opening of the door and experience that there was nothing there. Khalia and Bali see nothing objectionable, then they return to the place where Sarang was lying. Support him so that he can stand and then they make him sit on his seat. Sarang was in a very bad condition. When they lift Sarang they remember how they had lifted Hemant that fateful night. That feeling was creepy.

Next day Bali and Sarang were siting in office of Sarang and wanted to think on the event they had experienced the last night. Sarang was very uncomfortable due to what was happening to the four friends and he was now feeling sure that the spirit of Hemant is now really after them. This feeling he had because such events had been happening more repeatedly in those days. Sarang was shifting his sides while seating in his chair. Both looked uncomfortable even though they were not showing that on their face.
Bali tells Sarang, "Boy, what happened fifteen years ago has begun to seize us these days. I do not know why that is happening now?"
Sarang explains to them that, what they see is not that helpless boy but the angry spirit of him and as a spirit it is very strong. They have no body and so they haunt our minds and create such experiences through that. That spirit is definitely up to some thing and we should not take it easily.
Bali suggests that whatever James say of himself, the others should be very careful and do something so that we can pacify that spirit of Hemant.
"But How to?" Ask Sarang.
"This is not as simple as anybody may think." Sarang continues.
Then he suggests to his friend that he knows one person who can help them from this predicament.
Bali says, "You see it is a ghost and can do nothing really wrong to us if we do not pay heed to it. That spirit is bothering us because we take serious note of its presence around us. If we do not bother to think of its that presence it cannot do anything to us. It is all in our mind and nothing else.
"You are very true but that has fixed itself in our minds in such a way that it is not easy to get it out of our mind. That is the problem. Our guilt is actually bothering us in the form of that spirit of Hemant.
After much discussion they decide to go to Sarangs acquaintance.
Bali suggests to Sarang that they should take Khalia and James with them to that person.

On that, Sarang tells him that they will not accompany since they do not believe in such tantrums. Moreover, none of them has as yet seen that horrible sight of Hemant. Sarang reminds Bali about how James was shouting and challenging Hemant's spirit. Had he seen that horrible face of Hemant he would not dare challenge him the way he did. Sarang explains to Bali.

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