Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last revenge

Part 7

Bali was driving the car and Sarang was watching the surrounding scenery and at the same time talking with Bali. Road was so much bad that the car was jumping and jerking throughout the passage. Maneuvering that big car was not easy. Both friends were as if being thrown within the car and it was not an enjoyable journey. At one place Sarang asks Bali to halt the vehicle for relieving nature. He gets out of the car and walks near a big tree to urinate under it. On approaching that tree he sees that two large sized boulders were neatly placed at the tree, smeared with red color. It was as if those boulders were a place of some minor spirit. From the appearance of that surrounding place he could understand that it was a place where people frequent to pray and ask for offerings. Sarang avoids that tree and prefers to urinate at other open place but Bali true to his arrogant nature with scant respect for any belief goes to that tree and begins to urinate near it. Sarang sees it and feels very awkward about this behavior of his friend. Both friends finishing their nature's call begin to approach their car and at that Bali hits on one big rock and stumbles upon it. He hit ground hard. Nevertheless, he get up and keeps moving towards that car. Sarang sees that on hitting that rock and consequent fall on the rock Bali has hurt him so much that he had begun to bleed from side of his head. Bali is not aware of that wound and so he continues to drive the car. Sarang tells him that he has hurt him and he is bleeding but Bali does not accept it but only as he sees his blood on his shirt he realizes what has happened. They take the vehicle further and search for any suitable place where they may get a help to get first aid. Soon they see a secluded house not very well kept but good enough to try if they get any help. Since there was no place on way such as a hotel, that they can rest they think that they may relax in that house for a while. There was no first aid kit in the car also. They get out of the car and by that time Bali's shirt had become considerably moist with his blood. By that time his blood had stopped and now he was feeling the pain out of that hit. Bali was feeling feverish now and he realized that that fall on that rock was something very serious. Sarang casually warns him that this happened because he urinated near those stones with red vermilion. Bali was in no mood to argue with Sarang and keeps quiet. That house was not occupied by anybody at that time. They move around it to find if they can get into it. Finally they find a door not properly closed and so they decide to enter into that house. It will be dark soon and before that they wanted to see if Bali can get any medication in that house. They enter the house through that creaky door. There was enough light at the moment and so they searched if they can get any medication in that secluded house. Sarang tells Bali that they are wasting their time it would be better that they move further and reach Matt of Bhujangnath which is only an hour away. Without looking to Sarang Bali continues his search for any medication but they do not find anything of use in that place. Bali had become curious about this house for something else now. He began to wonder who had made this house in such a secluded place where living is not comfortable and may be because of that people who built it left it. That house was even though not occupied the creepiness that Sarang felt was not something that he may neglect. He warned Bali that he does not like to be in that house for any more time; but, Bali was not in any mood to stop his investigation in that house for any material that can sooth him from the pain that he had from that fall. Sarang asks Bali, "Don't you feel this house is creepy? There is something wrong in this house, let us move out of it, we shall get medication at the Matt of Bhujangnath."
however, at last Bali was successful in find a box in one room and it was written on that that it was a first aid box. On that Bali begins to smile and tells his friend that if you continue for any search you do get results. There was not much of light in the room that box was placed. He takes it out on the place outside the house and opens it. Luckily for him really there were some bottles with some liquids and a cotton and some dressing material. He opens one bottle and smells it. Sarang was watching all that with total disapproval of what Bali was doing. On smelling that bottle Bali drops down as if he had fainted.

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