Monday, April 20, 2015

Last revenge

Part 4

Many days passed on that last event and they had almost forgotten that evening. One such another meeting at James wine shop they again come together. They were enjoying their getting together with drinks. James was filling the glasses of his friends and they were sipping it while chatting on many subjects of interest to them. They were changing subjects without any particular topic for discussion as it always happen in such casual meetings. In that, subject of dead spirit of Hemant comes up as usual. Bali tells Sarang, "Please, you better forget him and enjoy drinks, let us not think of that". He explains to him that Hemant is dead long time back and there are no such things like ghost to be frightened about. Sarang cannot forget that image of Hemant. Bali further tells him that it it is in his mind and the more he thinks of him more he will come in his mind.
Sarang asks them, "How on earth I saw him in that glass pane? What is the meaning of this, never before I had ever had such a frightening experience."
On that Bali tries to convince him repeatedly that it was his imagination. That other also try to explain to him but when Sarang asks Khalia again what about the pat he got on his shoulders? Can he forget it? On that the discussion goes on. While they were talking Sarang looks into the glass of drink and to his surprise he sees Hemant in that glass. Hemant's face looked swollen and his eyes were closed; it was the way he looked when he was killed by them. That frighten him so much that he throws away the glass. The other three look to him with anxiety, Bali asks Sarang, "Now what is the matter? Why you threw that glass. James bents to collect pieces of that broken glass and he also jumps as if something had stung him. Seeing that Bali and Khalia wonder and ask James what is the matter. James looks very much frightened and his face profusely sweats. In a very hoarse voice he tells his friends that he saw Hemant in one of those glass pieces. James looks very much terrified as he explains to his friends that he saw Hemant crying and pleading in that glass.
"What is the problem with you all"? How can you see a dead man in glass pieces? I feel you are all bothered about the guilt of killing that boy. Almost fifteen years have elapsed on that instance. How can there be any Hemant to bother you? Bali asks them, Then looking to Khalia he asks if any body has reopened the case of Hemant. On that Khalia tells him that as per his knowledge that case is closed as suicide case long time back. He counter questions, why should anybody reopen that case. Almost all people have simply forgotten him and it is only we who keep remembering him. Let us stop that nonsense, he warns them all. This our guilty conscience we must control and tell our mind that it is all over and stop seeing that man anymore. While Bali was saying all this, in himself, something else was going on and that was more dreadful. His one mind was warning him that the murder of this young man is going to cost them all very dearly in coming times. These thoughts make him stop abruptly. The other three look to him anxiously; Khalia asks him why he stopped talking suddenly? Bali does not answer him. He tries to change topic.
However, he shows anger towards khalia and accosts them all that this is not an ordinary matter and we should not vile it away as some nonsense. They become serious and decide to think on this because as Bali point out to them that Sarang is the advocate and he began to see him repeatedly and Khalia feels that Hemant is around somewhere near about. All these things are indicating of something we cannot apprehend. They all began to get a sickening feeling that something very awful awaits them. But what it could be? This question they did not know answer.
While they were discussing this, Sarang had collapsed on ground out of fear. Bali bents down to support him and help him rise he casually happens to see at one of the glass panes in the cupboard and there he sees Hemant's face; Hemant was in that looking to him with unusually dreadful eyes. His face looked very pale just like chalk. This was most unexpected thing to happen to Bali. So far others had the glimpses of Hemant but Bali never had any feel of that dead man. Therefore, he had been continuously condemning them but now it was his turn to believe that there is something serious and not that they should rule it out as mere imagination. He again goes to that cupboard and tries to see if Hemant is visible. He sees nothing; this terrifies him now. Some unknown fear strikes him. Other two friends Khalia and James approach him and while sipping drink ask him by gestures, what he is trying to see by bending so low. Bali grudgingly tells them his vision of Hemant. They accost him that when they told him of it, he ridiculed hem. Bali keeps quiet and prefers to maintain silence.

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