Friday, March 20, 2015

Last Revenge

New story begins from this post.
part 1

Four senior students of a college decide to rag a new entrant as usual but in that process they happened to kill him. As they see that the boy is dead they take his corpse to the terrace of the college hostel where they were staying and throw it over it on to the ground below; they intend to create an alibi that the boy suicided. Leaving it that way four of them return to their rooms and try to sleep. However, the fear of the crime they had just committed began to haunt them ever since. They feel that the alibi they have created will save them. They decide not to mention it to any body and keep hoping that nobody had seen the crime. Since, the event had taken place in a night time when almost all students were asleep their conviction that there will be no witness was plausible.

Over a period as they were not found guilty and the case of that death was registered by police as a suicide these four students escaped without a catch. In this world of people they came out of the college as innocent but something else was now awaiting them. This is the story of how the dead student meets them in due course and takes revenge.

After completion of their study eventually they come out of the college having almost forgotten what crime they have committed. They settle in their chosen avocations and spend their life at leisure. One of them opens a hotel, Second joins police force and eventually attains the position of a police officer of high rank. Third after completion of his law becomes a lawyer. fourth becomes owner of a wine shop where he won't mind keeping spurious liquor; since making wine was his hobby he preferred to convert it into his business. Even though they took to very different avocations they continue to remain good friends and often would meet at the liquor shop of their friend. At meetings their quite often the memories of that night would haunt them and at this advanced age they had realized the crime they have done and continued to feel very sorry. The killing of that student, whose name was Hemant, was totally unnecessary; at times they would blame each other over it saying it happened because of the second student who had now become a police commissioner in that city. But he would brush it aside and assert that it happened because of every body in the group. On that, one of them would come up with some excuse to prove that they would not allow that to go to level that killing will happen. Police officer and liquor shop owners would always say that it was not a deliberate murder but an accident. Their arguments often turn into brawl but as they would end it with a drink and relax only praying to almighty, that let the soul of that departed student rest in peace. Cutting jokes on Hemant's innocence. On that, the argument on this topic used to end. All the same, all of them would appreciate the alibi they had created worked and would compliment the second fellow who had become a police officer now. This was happening a many times and due to this each one of them continued to remember that night very vividly.

Time was passing slowly and a time came when they had reached their forties. As time was passing one more serious thing was also happening. The spirit of dead student, Hemant, was also growing with desire for vengeance. As that ghost was becoming older it was also gaining in some unknown power to overcome humans. The four were not aware of this development taking place around them. Each and every act of these four culprits was being carefully watched and noted by the super sensual ability that the spirit of unfortunate Hemant had acquired over this period. Every time he would see them passing jokes on him at their meetings his desire for vengeance grew many folds. They never would know that spirit of Hemant is watching them by his extra sensory vision with which every ghost is equipped. As time was passing his desire to punish them grew stronger and somehow some unknown super natural power was as if, helping him in his desire to punish them. Only thing that was lacking, that appropriate opportunity to strike to revenge. May be the super power probably helping Hemant wanted him to be stronger enough so that he strikes successfully.

Story continues in the next post,

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