Sunday, March 29, 2015

Last Revenge

Part 2

The one who had opened a hotel, Bali, had arranged to stay in his hotel premises with his family. He had two beautiful little daughters. Second, Khalia, often made money by helping smugglers and such fraudulent activities and in that in most cases his friend Sarang was helping him escape clutches of law. In many cases they were behaving like unwritten partners in all those frauds. They had both made much black money. Thinking themselves as becoming successful in their criminal activities. Third student was an advocate, Sarang, had done very promising practice by taking up cases of smugglers, fraudulent people and many such antisocial element. He was very successful in his practice. Having amassed much wealth and he was also sleeping partner in that hotel owned by Bali. Having done so he would always appear very confident in whatever he would undertake. He was the purse of the foursome group. Wherever they went Sarang would prefer to pay the bills and other would appreciate it. The fourth, James, was shop owner of liquor where mostly imitative wine was sold. His shop was the place for their meetings. His shop was often coming in trouble because he was stocking spurious drugs along with liquor and in that his friend police officer and lawyer would come to save him. In other words, we may say that they had become partners in all their criminal activities which was earing them much money. Hotel of Bali was very handy for many illegal transactions they would make.

This story of vengeance by the spirit of dead Hemant was told to the class of wizards (Mantriks) managed by a Wizard by name Bhujangnath, his students had gathered around him to take heed, how a dead spirit can destroy even seemingly powerful and influential persons at mundane level. One disciple of Bhujangnath was an advocate and the story is narrated to him.

Bhujangnath's ashram was very specious and in one big room all had gathered on that day to understand how a determined spirit of a dead person can revenge. Bhujangnath had told them the part of the story where four students had during ragging accidentally though, killed one new student in that hostel. That it was a cold blooded murder was not noticed by anyone and all people considered it as a fall of the student from the terrace of the hostel. All had forgotten the sorry event but the burning passion of the dead student was alive and kept him to revenge the death by killing those who had deprived him of his life for no sensible reason.

Almost twenty years had passed on that incidence, and on one eventing these four students, now big men of prestige and honor in the society, had gathered that evening as usual to spend time together in the wine shop of James. Over drinks and snacks they were reminiscing old days of their studentship. How they tortured junior students in ragging them they were remembering and enjoying the superiority they enjoyed on those junior students. There was nobody else in the shop excepting these four men. Front door of the shop was slightly open but there was no possibility that anybody may usher in without their noticing it. It was late night already and no customer was expected to come there. One of them Sarang an advocate looked around and to his surprise he saw face of Hemant the student they had killed in one glass pane on one cupboard where wine bottles were stored. Sarang was under influence of liquor but even then he was perfectly conscious. He kept on watching that glass pane and he did that very repeatedly so much so that it became obvious to other friends. After some time he, feeling nervous, pointing to that glass pane told in his hoarse voice that he is being watched by Hemant. In the beginning they laughed it away and told him that he has drunk too much and now he should stop. However, they begin to remember that night when they killed him very mercilessly and for no sensible reason even though the boy was repeatedly pleading them for mercy. Everybody had been silent on that memory. James gets up from his seat and going to Sarang's place tries to see if he can see Hemant. He could not see him, then Bali stands up near his chair and from that he attempts to see towards that glass pane. He sees only wine bottles in that cupboard. Now it was turn of Khalia a police officer and with that air he tries to scrutinize that glass pane and other cupboards in that shop and while he was doing it he felt that somebody has touched him and so he looks back and warns the other three that they do not do any mischief with him by patting on his shoulders. On hearing that they look to each other and reply that nobody has even touched his shoulders, much less of patting; actually they were comfortably away from him sitting in one corner of the shop while Khalia was doing his inspection. Khalia returns and occupies his seat not saying any thing but only deeply involved in his thoughts.

Story continues in the next post,

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