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Ghost of an alcoholic drowned in deep waters

Concluding part 13

Krupashankar asks, Guruji, we Brahmans are used to witness rituals with a lot of mantra chanting while here I saw that the whole operation was done in almost pin drop silence, how is it?”
A good question, remarked Guruji. You said ‘the whole operation’ didn't you. Kailashbaba counter questioned. Operations are performed in silence because you need concentration to perform it successfully. Another thing about our Shakta ceremonies concerning dead spirits is; they are unique and they have no parallel in your Brahmanic rituals. Almost all the operations in Shakta and Tantra are falling in the category of ‘Dynamic’ while those of the Brahmins are ‘Passive’.
What do you mean by that”, questioned Naroo? Naroo being well versed in all the Brahmanic rites felt that he can counter that statement.
Guruji continued, “By Dynamic I mean, in our ceremonies we do not request any authority from the spirited world but demand action. In passive ceremonies of Brahmans they only request some deity to help the cause and the help is not guaranteed.
How is that?” Krupashankar.
"When dealing with matters of the ghosts or dead people we need permission to work with them and that permission is granted to us by some higher spirits. This is acquired by doing penance to get the attention of these higher spirits. After you get the permission you can do such operations and help people. In case of Brahmanic rituals they do the ritual even if they do not have permission to pray for the concerned higher spirit. As a result Brahmanic rituals may or may not get results; our rites are always getting results since they are performed only after proper sanctions are acquired from the higher spirits. There are many wizards who pretend to have the concerned permission but in reality they do not have it and so even their prayers are not getting results.” Kailashbaba answered.
Who are those higher spirits?” Naroo.
Different types of ghosts require higher spirits of diverse levels. Ghosts are classified in three types and for each type we have to approach the spirit that controls that type of ghost.” Kailashbaba replied.
Please, Kailashji, explain these matters in details since, we both are interested in this subject”. Said Krupashankar.
There are three higher spirits and they are called Guru Dattatreya, Vetaal and Yama. Out of these three Guru Dattatreya looks after ghosts of people having some spiritual standard at the time of their death. Vetaal is the controller of people who die with bad habits such as smoking, drinking, womanizing, gambling, even bad habits of quarreling, jealousness, boastfulness, and greed. That means this Vetaal has control over almost all the ordinary people. Yama controls all the dead people until for some time and then relieves hold to these other spirits. Other higher spirits have to work with these controlling powers to get access to these lower spirits of dead people. To do what I did yesterday night I had to take grants from Vetaal. If I did not have that grant the ghost of Ramusa would never have come in the body of his son Shanbhu. This Vetaal is called Satan in other religions often mistaken for a bad power actually it is just a controlling power and brings about order in the movements of these ghosts.” I hope you two can understand what I am hinting at. Kalashbaba said with a smile to his guests.
So how did you feel witnessing yesterdays operation? Kailashbaba enquired to Naroo.
Naroo was silent pondering over some thoughts. He was slow on eating the breakfast also. “any thing wrong?” asked Kailashbaba to him.
Not exactly, whispered Naroo and then looking towards Krupashankar he said, “You know, I feel differently about the whole experience. Yesterday while I was watching the shaking and twisting of that little boy Shanbhu, all of a sudden I began to feel what that spirit was experiencing. I felt as if I am being drawn into a deep watery grave and the experience was so horrible that I cannot tell you in any words. I got terribly frightened and that has changed me completely. I have developed nausea for liquor. I shall never ever take that drink in my life. That experience only helped me get out of that bad habit. What I could not do in all my life by any amount of efforts; was done in just a few moments experience, what a miracle it is I have no words to thank you for this.”
This has become possible only because our mind has capacity to relate things in a strange way.” Kalashbaba.
He further added, “Your experience was related to your habit of drinking. That experience was also due to that habit of drinking and to avoid that horrible experience your mind decide to reject that habit.” Kailashbaba.
I had called Krupashanker and told him to bring you along to witness this operation so that you can get out of that habit automatically. Our mind is so powerful it can do miracles. In your case that miracle has happened. I admit that it was possible only because you have some conscience within that is helping you.” Kailashbaba concluded with a smile of satisfaction.

The breakfast was also completed and other people gathered in that room, left it leaving behind only these three men. Naroo looking to Kailashbaba said that, we should take his leave and offered to donate some money to the mutt.
Naroo had completely recovered from that habit of drinking. Even the mention of liquor would disturb him so much so that nobody in the house ever recollected those days when Naroo used to drink.

Story ends here; in this next post new story begins

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