Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ghost of an alcoholic drowned in deep waters

Part 12

Tell me what you liked most in your life, I mean any activity in your life that you enjoyed most?”
For a long pause there was no reply. Kailashbaba repeated the question to Ramusa, “tell me if you ever liked any game or sport?”
Ramusa replied in whisper as if he was in half sleep. The voice of Shambhu was not audible but still Kailashbaba could understand what he was hinting at. Ramusa was referring to a dance those villagers always play during Diwali festival. It was a folk dance, in that men and women circling a bonfire, dancing around it, and singing their village songs. That is called Gheromba. Ramusa was wanting to tell all this by just saying Gheromba - gheromba - gheromba.
Baba had the answer. He immediately requested Ramusa to play that Gheromba dance around the fire that was lit right there. On hearing this request the ghost of Ramusa gave a faint laugh and the body of Shambhu started shaking again. With a big jerk Shambhu dropped behind on the cushion placed behind him. Two disciples supported him immediately to avoid any hurting.
Kailashbaba got out of the seat and stood a distance away as if giving enough space for the ghost to commence the dance of gheromba. Kailashbaba with a winning smile to his disciples and looking back towards Krupashanker told them the problem is almost resolved. Everybody in that room looked relieved. Here, upper body of Shambhu began to revolve slowly as if he was dancing. Initially the movement was not very discernible. Then the movement became a little fast and then it stopped and Shambhu again dropped on the cushion. This continued for some time may be say ten minutes and then they saw Shambhu gave a pleasant smile. Again a jerk and he fell on the cushion. Now Shambhu had gone in deep slumber. Kailashbaba looked very pleased; looking to his team he declared that the ghost of Ramusa is finally relieved of that horrible hallucination and jocularly he admitted that now this ghost of Ramusa is in another hallucination which shall keep him ever happy.
It was already late night, they packed up everything, and the team of the disciples left the room leaving behind only those four men. Kailashbaba found that Naroo was in deep sleep and requested Krupashankar, who was also in half sleep to leave the room. Leaving behind in that room of operation Naroo and Shambhu both in deep sleep or unconscious.

A splash of cold water awakened Naroo. Somebody was splashing his face with cold water to bring him out of the sleep. It was the next day. Naroo got up and still in half sleep looked around. The room was cleaned and there were no fire or any sign of the rite that was performed there. Naroo sat in the place and tried to recollect everything that he experienced. To his surprise and pleasure the only thing he remembered was the hard knocking of his head on the wall. The experience of drowning in dirty deep water had gone, stored in his subconscious. Kailashbaba came and greeted him with a good morning as we do in city life. Naroo felt a little embarrassed since he was sleeping so long. “Never mind your sleeping for so long; first refresh your self and join in the breakfast. We are all awaiting.” Kailashbaba.

Hurriedly he prepared himself and came in the room in that mutt where they were gathering to have the breakfast and also to discuss problem of Naroo for which he had gone there. Naroo and Krupashankar had many questions after witnessing the ritual. None of the two was awake when the final solution to the problem of Ramusa was found and so they did not know what happened of Ramusa. Was he relieved of his trouble? How it was resolved? And many other queries.
As all of them had gathered Kailashbaba greeted them and asked them to sit on the mats on the ground. In mutt they sat on mats and there were no chairs accept for Kailashbaba and that was only in the room of operation. They were served all vegetarian dishes made of poha (cooked and dried rice flakes) and onion. Hot milk was served for those who liked it and for others it was all time tea. The round of discussion began by a question by Krupashankar.

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