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Ghost of an alcoholic drowned in deep waters

Part 11

In the meantime somebody from the group of people preparing for the rite told Baba that everything is ready and he may proceed.
A young boy of age about 12 was requested to sit on a seat kept across the Fire pot or to put in Shakta terms homkunda. That was the youngest son of the deceased, Ramusa. His son, Shambhu came from a room inside the mutt and sat on the seat. There was a big cushion behind him to support him in case he drops backward during the ceremony. Three disciples of Kailashbaba sat around him in such a way that, one disciple sitting exactly opposite him and on the other side of the fire, the other two occupied seats on left and right sides of Shambhu. In this way four of them actually were sitting on four directions of the fire, fire being in the centre. Kailashbaba was sitting away in one corner of the room with the guests, Krupashankar and Naroo.
To surprise of Naroo, there were no mantras chanting done. There was eerie silence and that was important for the ceremony. They told Naroo later on that, to call Ghost there should be absolute silence. First fire was lit and when it began burning properly one of the disciple sprinkled some amber on the fire. At that, thick fumes started emanating from the fire. Room was filled with the fumes. Then other disciple sprinkled some rosin on that fire and more fumes of fragrance of rosin were thrown out from the fire. At that time chief disciple sitting in front of Shambhu, leaned foreword and with a small fan pushed those fumes on his face. The other disciples had held Shambhu by the hands and his head pushed a little foreword so that the fanned fumes will blow on him. At that little Shambhu started coughing. Now they stopped blowing fumes on the face of that little boy. For some time there was no move and all of a sudden Shambhu began to shake all his body as if something was troubling him. Three disciples looked to Kailashbaba for instructions. Kailashbaba by hand gestures told them to wait for a while. The ghost has come and trying to enter the body of the boy but does not find the Brahmarandhra. Brahmarandhra is an imaginary hole at the top of the skull. A ghost can enter into the body of any human only through this hole provided it is not clogged. Nanoo knew all these things and so he had started to understand what was going on there. After some time chief disciple rose from his seat and went inside the house. He brought a scissor and began to cut the hair of that boy exactly where the Brahmarandhra is located. Too much of thick skin or thick locks on that part can clog Brahmarandhra also covering head with black thick silk or cotton can also clog that hole and that can prevent a ghost from entering the body. Naroo knew all these things and so he appreciated the way they were working. Finally, enough hair was cut away and the Brahmarandhra was cleared because Shambhu began to shake violently. After some moments shaking stopped and Shambhu began to say something in a voice different from his. It was the voice of his father Ramusa. Ramusa was crying violently, body of little boy shaking at every moment words were coming out of his mouth. What he was saying, Naroo could not understand properly but he could guess. Ramusa was speaking in the dialect spoken in that village. Everybody in the room was listening intently. Ramusa told them that something pulls him in a deep water and that water enters his nostrils, mouth, ears and even eyes. The experience is terrible. Here, Naroo began to get a feel of that terrible experience even though he was still not dead. That was a peculiar feeling to Naroo. As if Naroo had started identifying himself with that ghost of Ramusa. He could not understand what was happening to him but it was as if Ramusa was inducing his experience into Naroo. May be because, both Naroo and Ramusa were drunkards, those ghastly experiences had by virtue of some strange law of the universe began to pass on to Naroo. Naroo got frightened. His body started shaking violently and he felt that he was being pushed in dirty, murky waters. His mouth was full of that horribly tasteless water. Eyes swollen up as if they will drop out and fall apart. Naroo could not vomit since he was in the waters so deep that it was impossible to do any such thing. While Naroo was experiencing all these terrible feeling at the same time his intellect was also active and so he was wondering about this peculiar experience. Naroo understood what would happen to him if he dies with this habit of drinking. He developed tremendous amount of nausea for alcohol. The power with which this experience of drowning was overcoming him was uncontrollable. For some time, his intellect telling him that this is only a hallucination and not real; and next moment the hallucination taking over or mind taking over the power of intelligence; and he would go down the dirty water again and again. This was happening so frequently that the whole involvement exhausted Naroo and Naroo fell backward hitting his head on the wall behind with a very powerful blow. Naroo lost his consciousness.
Members of the team of Kailashbaba were busy attending Shambhu. Ghost of Ramusa had explained to them about his condition and told them that this is why he tries to contact the members of his family and because of that wife of Ramusa was getting fits. Ramusa was trying to hold his wife whenever he was caught up with this terrible experience. It was this complain that was told to Kailashbaba and that is why this rite was performed. Now the complete picture was clear to everybody in the team. Baba knew how to remedy such hallucinations. The remedy was very simple to appear but was not easy to implement. At that juncture, Kailashbaba got out of his chair and asked the disciple sitting opposite Shambhu to move and he sat in that place. Until this time disciple were talking with the ghost through Shambhu but now Kailashbaba took over the conversation. Baba asked Ramusa in a very tender voice, “Ramusa, are you listening to me?”
Ramusa replied in a very low voice as if his ghost was far away. “Yes, Baba I am listening.”

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