Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ghost of an alcoholic drowned in deep waters

Part 10

Looking to Naroo with a smile Baba replied to both, “This is a preparation for something like what you both have come to know about.” Clearing his throat Baba further clarified that, some body died in the village next to this village, about six months ago. He was a drunkard. He was drinking until his death and now his ghost is in deep trouble. Baba said, “We in our terms call it Dushastha.”
What does it mean? Asked Krupashankar for the benefit of Naroo. Dushasth means a soul in trouble due to bad habits during the lifetime. Explained Kailashbaba.
for example, if you are drinking as your friend does and you happened to die with the desire to drink then that desire to drink keeps on pestering your Lingdeha. You get hallucinations of peculiar types and the variety of them is so much that one cannot understand them easily. Quite often the Lingdeha imagines that it is drowning in water. Actually it is not the water but the desire to drink is manifested in the form of deep watery grave. It is hallucination but that keeps on troubling the soul so much that the soul returns to his people for relief. He is a dead man and so his people cannot help him. On saying this Kailashbaba laughed, continuously looking at Naroo and to see what are the expressions on his face. Naroo was a little disturbed to here the explanation but he did not want to show it on his face. Naroo spoke for the first time and asked Kailashbaba, “If it is just a hallucination and there is nothing in reality then the soul should be able to convince himself of that and neglect it.”
Things are not that simple, Narayanrao, Kailashbaba whispered to himself but loud enough that they heard it.
Why not?” Naroo.
The reason for that is that, we know that it is hallucination and not real but the suffering soul doesn’t know that. For him the experience is as real as one feels in one’s dream. Our dreams are also sort of hallucinations, do you know that?”
In dreams we live as f it is real world but only when we come out of it that we know that it was a dream. Similarly a ghost or spirit of dead man keeps on believing that it is real. I hope you people understood me? Kailashbaba concluded. Watching face of Naroo incessantly. It appeared that that his watching Naroo had some meaning. However, Naroo was not is position to get all those things.
Is there no way to get the soul out of it?” asked Krupashanker.
Of course, there is a way for that and that is why today we are going to perform some rite to help him. People often come to me for such ailments of dead people.”
Kailashbaba was in a jovial mood at that and said to Naroo, “Narayanrao, just imagine, ailing ghost, ah, how you feel? Just as, we mortals fall sick, even dead people fall sick! We are helping these sick ghosts through our various services, and that is my work.”
How you remedy such an ailment, when you cannot even see the ghost?” Naroo.
You do not have to see the ghost when you treat them.” Kailashbaba.
A dead man’s or woman’s ghost can see us and that is enough for the purpose.” Kailashbaba.
The only rite we have to do is to invite the ghost at the alter. When ghost comes we can help him or her.” Kailashbaba.
Naroo was amazed to get all this technology since his Brahmanic teachings had other explanations.
Kailashbaba continued and said, “Awkward it may appear but we know that the dead person is always moving around the one member of the family whom he or she loves or accepts. It is not necessary that the one, ghost has accepted, is a member of the family, it could be the friend, other relation, any body. We invite that person at the rite and perform the rite with help of such an individual so that reaching the soul is not very difficult.” Baba’s explanation had started making sense for Naroo.
But how you help him, get out of that hallucination?” Naroo asked eagerly.

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