Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ghost of an alcoholic drowned in deep waters

Part 9

To begin with he decided to try the method of gradually reducing the quantity of the liquor. With all the efforts Naroo could not do it. His quantity of drink could not be reduced. On the contrary he became all the more addicted to it. His problem was that he could not make out how to be unemotional. In everyday life many thigs happening around were causing emotional hypes and when the hype was causing worrying or misery he would feel like forgetting it by taking a few drinks. No amount of efforts could stop him from that. Naroo wondered why he becomes so much emotional about things which do not concern him in any way. Nothing helped him even dearest love of his wife could not help him. He on the contrary began to worry for his wife's well being in case he passes away before her. Almost any thing around could disturb him and the bout for drink would overcome him again and again.
Duttprasad died of old age and Naroo became very disturbed. He started feeling very lonely. His father was his guide and guru even though he seldom actually followed on his path. There was some support which Naroo needed. At this moment Naroo realized the true reason for his indulging in the habit of drinking. The constant conflict between his father’s teachings and his own convictions was the root cause for his habit. At least Naroo thought it that way.
Days passed and now Naroo was also an old man, retired from his government service, his second son was employed in the same department as he was working and every thing was very satisfactorily settled. There was nothing to worry for Naroo. Both his sons were well placed in their life. as there was nothing else to do Naroo continued his habit of drinking. This spoiled his kidney and finally that time came when Naroo realized that his death was not very far. He remembered teachings of his father that, he must get out of this habit of drinking or otherwise this habit will make his after death life miserable. Naroo was a knowledgeable person and he had all the books of the shastras that the Brahmans taught to their wards. He started opening those books and read everything in them but to his dismay there was no proper guidance for his problem. He decided to meet other people belonging to Shakta discipline. One day he went to meet one of his friend from his office and told him about his worries. His friend did not understand the gravity of the problem may be because generally people do not bother about after death life. this friend of Naroo was also one of that type. He tried to console Naroo and asked him not to bother about that life. He told him, “why worry about such things. If you keep worrying about such imaginary things that it self might bother you until your death and nothing else.”
Naroo was not satisfied with that advice and requested him to give him the address of the Shakta guru whom that man knew. That friend of Naroo was very much worried about the way Naroo was serious about that life of which no body ever bothers. Finally he agrees to Naroo’s request and tells him that he will come personally with Naroo and introduce that Shakta guru to Naroo.
This Shakta guru was staying in a remote village and for that both the friends decided to visit that village. It was called Jamburi, about two hundred miles from Jabalpur. They boarded a public transport bus and reached the village at about 10 pm on one Thursday. There was no electricity in that village and so there were no lights on the road. The road was not properly made. It was just a passage full of loose earth with stones around. From the appearance of the road one can know that the village was not well maintained. It was pitch dark and at a distance they saw some flickering light from, may be, some candle. They started walking towards the light. The unpaved and even the uneven passage gave them the first glimpse of the condition of that village Jamburi. Along with darkness there was no sound of any radio or any body talking of which both these city dwellers were so much used. This made Naroo a little uneasy. Naoo’s friend Krupashankar knew the whereabouts of the mutt in which the Shakta guru was residing. Naroo was following Krupashankar and both of them were wending their way towards the mutt. Occasionally they heard sound of a cry of child from distance and the whole scene was not very comfortable for Naroo who was all along his life used to be in a very busy and populated city of Jabalpur. Finally they reached the place. The mutt was on the outskirts of that remote and not so developed village. In the mutt they saw some people preparing to do some sort of ritual. Naroo interested in all these things and also being a trained priest himself was very much curious to know what was going on there. Krupashankar entered the mutt door, it was very low and so to enter that door one has to bend foreword. After Krupashankar, Naroo also entered the room in that mutt. Naroo saw the Shakta guru whose name was kailashbaba sitting in a chair. Kailashbaba was an old man. Sporting a long gray beard and almost bald. Kailashbaba welcomed Kruashankar and looking to Naroo gave a grinning. As if he knew the purpose for which this guest had come to see him. Kailashbaba requested both the gentlemen to make themselves comfortable on a mat in the corner of the room. Some four men were busy preparing for some ritual. Krupashanakar and Naroo exchanged greetings with Kailashbaba and also other men who were working there. There was eerie silence in the room. After some pause Krupashankar asked Baba what all the preparation is for?

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