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Ghost of an alcoholic drowned in deep waters

Part 8

That was Naroo’s first day in a small meeting of some persons who wanted to get out of this habit of drinking. Some of them had already overcome this habit and working as friend to guide others in that matter. Because it was his first day he was introduced to rest of the gathering and there they developed some raport with each others. Naroo likes the atmosphere and so decided to continue visiting that joint. On that day Naroo was asked as to how he got into this habit. He told it was a matter of accident that he started as a casual drinker with his friends and gradually it went on increasing and now it has become impossible to get out of it. While Naroo was narrating his story an elderly gentleman entered the room. All the members of the group greeted him and he was introduced to Naroo and also Naroo was introduced to him. This man was a psychiatric working for the group. Dr. Anthony was working as volunteer to help the people of the group understand why they are suffering from such habits. Why not all persons are addicted to such habits and why some get addicted easily and some cannot leave these habits. According to him any such habit has something to do with one’s mind set. Dr. Anthony explained to the group that any such habit is due to three things in one’s mind. Lack of confidence, false ego and fear are those three things. Any person who does not have any of these defects will never get into any habit at all. Looking to Naroo Doctor asked with a smile, “Mr. Narayanrao Tiwari what you think is your defect? Since you are a senior government officer and a reputed personality I leave that to you”.
Naroo started thinking about what could be the cause for his habit? Was it lack of confidence or false ego or fear? For a while he was in a confused state of mind. Naroo wanted a little more explanation about these three causes and so he asked doctor, “will you please, explain to me a little further to understand what do you mean by lack of confidence?”
That is fine”. Dr. remarked.
When we grow and take up some job or any work we feel that we can manage it well. But somehow we fail to do it properly and realize that we cannot do it. At such moments we develop lack of confidence.” After a pause Dr. Anthony asked, “did you ever feel such a situation any time in your life?”
Not exactly. I was very good in my work. I was good at all the things those my superiors in the office gave me.” Naroo told, “if this is all you mean by lack of confidence then that is not the cause for my getting into this habit.
Second cause mentioned was ego. How about that, Dr. Anthony.
Naroo old about his age-old argument with his father about the rituals and chanting of wrong hymns. On hearing that Anthony kept on thinking for some time and said, “Yes, I think this can cause a problem of ego or fear.”
How that can be the cause.” Naroo
We never know how our mind interprets happenings in our life. you are an honest man and in that a priestly Brahmin and that can cause such reactions.”
Naroo was tired of all this discussion and finally asked whatever it may be Dr. Anthony can you tell me how all this discussion is going to help get me out of this habit?
There are two methods we generally recommend to alcoholic people and those we shall try with you also. First method is to gradually reduce the intake of alcoholic drinks and second is to stop drinking suddenly and never to drink again. Which method you will prefer? Asked Dr. Anthony.
"I need time to consider these options." Naroo remarked.
Naroo returned home thinking about what can be the cause of his addiction. He had other ideas in his mind. He thought it may be that there is fourth reason possibly. Naroo thinks of discussing with his learned father and take is opinion to find the possibility of fourth cause.
That evening he opens the topic with his father and asks if any fourth cause is possible? On hearing that his father takes some time to thin and comes with the answer, "I feel the fourth or the most important cause could be being emotional!" says Dattaprasad.
On that Naroo reflects very positively and becomes excited to get the fourth cause. "Yes Baba, I am very much emotional by nature and I get sensitive whenever something wrong happens".
On that Dattaprasad says it is given in our science of medicine that emotional people suffer more ailments than unemotional ones. The more emotional one, the more problems that person faces. Mostly such emotional person whether man or woman need some moral support to ride over emotional hypes. When he/she gets it he feels safe and that is why they indulge in habits. Naroo finally realizes that his addiction is due to his being emotional.

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