Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ghost of an alcoholic drowned in deep waters

Part 7

Most important things in all those, are our habits. A smoker gets a strong desire to smoke, a drunkard like you, will want to drink, a womanizer will feel like having the sex and this is how that desire pops up frequently. Since, the habit is a thing that continues with the person, these desires to have them, even after life is over, grip the person so powerfully that the person becomes slave of those desires. They continue with him or her. At the time of death the person is mostly very much freighted with the realization that the body is lost and only the soul in the grip of Lingdeha will continue. How can I have my habits? This question disturbs that person so much that he or she is terribly confused. There are many stories of painful after death experiences recorded in our ancient books”
Naroo listening to all this asks his father Duttprasad, “What you want to suggest through all this?”
Duttprasad looks to Naroo with half opened eyes without saying anything. Naroo repeats his query.
It is very simple, Naroo I advice that you can enjoy your drinking but do take care to see that you are free from it before your death.” Dattprasad.
How am I to know when my death will come”? blurted out Naroo in a low voice.
Exactly that is why I suggest that you better think of getting out of this habit”. Whispered Duttprasad. There was silence for some reasonable time and then Naroo broke it by saying, “I do not know how to get out of this habit. If I do not drink I feel feverish my body starts shaking and sometimes I loose my control on my temper. I become restless and to avoid further disturbance I am compelled to drink”. Naroo complained. Duttprasad remembered that some days back a friend of his grandson Vedprakash had come home and was telling about how he saw Naroo on the street, almost about to fall on the pavement and there people on the street supported him and made him sit on the pavement. This boy was watching it and he recognized Naroo as his friend’s father. When he came to Naroo’s house told the incidence to everybody. At that time discussion on how to get Naroo out of this terrible habit was also discussed and there that boy told about an institute called, ‘alcoholic anonymous’ and suggested that it may be good if Naroo join that organization and there the members help each other in getting out of it. Having remembered this incidence Duttprasad told about it and asked Naroo, how will he feels about joining this group to get out of the habit of drinking?
Naroo liked the idea and decided to join it. Some days passed and Naroo approached one place situated in a catholic church where this alcoholic anonymous group was functioning. He wondered why no temple hold such good organization in their precincts. He entered the room and saw a few men and equal number of women were sitting and chatting. Naroo wondered what women are doing there? Soon he realized that these women were also addicts of some habit or the other. That was the day for meeting of drug addicts. On enquiring Naroo came to know that of the week some days are marked for smokers some days for drunkards and some days for drug addicts. That was the day for smokers. Conductor of the meeting welcomed Naroo and introduced him to other members of the alcoholic anonymous. Naroo asked if the group is called alcoholic anonymous why smokers have come here. The conductor explained to Naroo that even though originally the organization was started to help alcoholics later on it was found that other habits are also equally troublesome and so smokers anonymous and drug addicts anonymous were created to help those people. Some fellows are having two habits and they are also joining it.
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