Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ghost of an alcoholic drowned in deep waters

Part 6

Worship is an age-old psychological treatment to pacify perturbed mind of the believer. All other things are immaterial. Dattprasad told Naroo another example of a modern guide and Guru who was explaining the meanings of the Sanskrit hymns to his followers. When they learned it he lost all of them. That Guru had to stop his shop of spiritual teachings. Why? Because, the followers never wanted to know what the hymns say. They just wanted to get relief from their worries. So this in a way pacified Naroo.
In this way days were passing and one day Duttprasad who was getting old and had to stop his activities of priest ship had called Naroo and told him that Naroo’s sons who were by now well trained in the profession of the family to take over completely.
Finally that day came when Duttprasad lay on deathbed called Naroo and told him, “Naroo, I am getting very old and I know for sure that I may not live long. I tell you the answer to your one question about how one’s good work or bad work effects the after death life.”
Duttprasad continued, “According to our ancient wisdom our good or bad deeds have nothing to do with our after death life however; they do matter in our next birth. What matters is our thoughts at the time of our death”. Naroo was intently listening to his learned father.
It is believed that at the time of death a few moments earlier, a complete cinema of the life passes before one’s eyes and he or she sees all the important things those have happened in that life, as if they had happened just a few moments before. In a way it so happens that we relive our life as a program designed in advance, a sort of post view”.
Dattprasad suggested to Naroo, “we always see some things in our dreams. These things have bearing with happenings in our life; our dreams we try to interpret in our way but very often we fail to understand them. These dreams are actually recorded moments in our life and they come up when we are asleep”.
How this affects after death life,” asks Naroo impatiently. Dattprasad relaxes for a while and then continues, “During that cinema we relive many things those we had lived during those moments when they had actually happened. For example, moments of insult, honor, cheating and moments of fear all pass before our mental eyes; giving us reaction of either hatred or envy for moments of insult and pleasure or satisfaction for moments of honor and of fear and anxiety. Similarly, many times we treat other people wrongly; that moment may give a feeling of repentance or may be of devilish happiness depending upon the spiritual status the dying person has achieved. Some die with intense reaction of hatred for some body who has done injustice or who was always superseding in life. Such person’s ghost is in constantly restless condition and you know Naroo, black magicians try to control them and then use them for their fiendish work.

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