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Concluding part -

That day of party to announce two marriages comes and being s Sunday things were easy for everybody. Veena true to her bold nature was in two minds. To accept or not to accept that proposal. She could not decide since she was also in two minds about who that person was. Worst part in that was that her best friend was not telling her the name of that person. She was absolutely helpless in this. She had no alternative but to keep waiting until the betrothal. She could make out from the way other members were behaving that excepting her everybody knew of her partner's name. That was a type of breath taking game that always was played with spouse in many families. It was thrill but Veena being a dominating type of a person finding it rather disturbing. Now that day has come and she was going to know her partner. Party was arranged to be on the evening of that Sunday and so all invited members began to come in. Since it was a family gathering almost all relations were already in the house. Only a few were to come and Veena could make out that her proposed partner was from among them.

Veena began to imagine who could be that? Vinod, ohh, no his is already married. There were other men she considered and finally she came to Sharad Kale. She stopped thinking for a while, she realized that this is the only person whom she had appreciated in front of Ibna and that was because he had helped them in their efforts to nab Mustaffa. Veena wanted to reconfirm her surmise and so she approaches Ibna and request to tell that name. This makes Ibna more mischievous and she insists that Veena should wait until that moment.

Now Veena decides not to bother who could be that person and tries to forget about it. Finally Sharad and his mother and sister arrive there. On his arrival everybody welcome them in a very special way. This makes her guess correct. Veena began to think of Sharad in that way and she realizes he is one person she can manage well. She knew Sharad as a very congenial person. Living with him could be not any nuisance. Gradually she begins to accept him as her life partner.

Party began with much fanfare; everybody was enjoying the food that was served and music that was playing. Everybody was busy chatting about things of marriage arrangements for the two marriages those were being planned. After some time Yamuna gets up and requests all to be attentive to her. She announces that she is going to declare marriage of ShreeNath and Ibna. She calls both to approach her and gives a diamond ring to ShreeNath and Kamaal gets up and gives other diamond ring to his sister, Ibna. Ibna was looking her best in the dress she had chosen for the occasion. Ibna comes to Yamuna and she could not control her feelings. That was the day she had been awaiting for all these years. ShreeNath puts his ring to Ibna and she to his fingers. They were looking very pleased on that. Kamaal began to clap to grace the occasion. All follow it and first betrothal is accomplished.

Next was turn of Veena's engagement, This time Veena's mother gets up and calls Veena to approach her. Veena slowly moves to go near her mother and stands close to her. Mother looks with kindness that only a mother can display. Veena stands next to her mother anxiously wanting to know who that man is? Vinod get up and calls his best friend, Sharad Kale slowly gets up and approaches Veena's mother and touching her feet stands next to her. Vinod takes out a small box and opens it. Govardhandas estate agent and now a best friend of the family slowly gets up and begins to help Vinod in removing a diamond ring and hands it to Sharad. Yamuna gives one diamond ring to Veena and they exchange their rings putting them in their fingers. The engagement process was simple and over. Everybody joins in it by clapping to celebrate it. After some pause Veena's father announces that there is other business to be completed before they begin to enjoy the sumptuous dinner.

ShreenNath and Kamaal announce that they have purchased a hotel in the city and they want Veena and Sharad to manage it and grow with it. Her time for employment is over. Kamaal tells everybody that Sharad having completed his research paper of hospitality business will be holding a doctorate in that subject and so on that occasion he and his wife deserve this gift. Everybody enjoys the way Mahaale family made progress from a village people to a business family in this city. Veena's father admits that all this success was possible because of his daughter's conviction that they can do it! While admitting this he began to weep tears of happiness. Those were moments of emotion; after some time Kamaal gets up and begins to tell the gathering that he and his family never had expected that his sister will be marrying somebody from India and that also to a Hindu Brahman man. He further said,
"We Arabs do not consider Muslims from Indian subcontinent as equal to us but Hindus we do consider equal because they had the courage to fight back Arabs and keep their religion and identity intact unlike those who accepted Islam and became our slaves forgetting their ancestors and their achievements shamelessly. I am proud that my sister has married into a Hindu family. I know for sure she will be very happy in Mahaale family. God bless her as always, Inshallah."

And in this way this story of Employment, completes. From next post new story will begin. Thanks for keeping with me on this story.

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