Monday, October 20, 2014


Part 94

Do you feel that if they do not approve of this marriage you people will simply cancel it? Ibna questions hurriedly.
"Not exactly that but some respect we should give to them", Yamuna replies patiently.
"What do you mean by respect to them?" Veena reacts sharply.
"Will they not care to respect our feelings or they will want to impose their will on us?" Veena questions. Sharpness in her question was very evident and that makes Yamuna smile nervously.
"You girls are worried for no reason, dear girls this is a matter of showing respect to your elders and we shall see that they will reciprocate adequately", Yamuna comments attempting to cool down both girls.
"How about my spouse, Aatyaa?" Veena reflects sharply to find out who the guy is. "If I refuse to marry him what?" Veena exclaims. On that Ibna tells her that when she will know of his name she will not refuse him but you will blush", Ibna taunts brilliantly.
The conversation continues while their kitchen work was also going on simultaneously. All efforts of Veena to get the name of her possible spouse from the two were not working and that disappointed her.
Finally Yamuna looks to Ibna and asks her if they should disclose his name? On that Ibna roars and tells her that please, Aatyaa, do not make that mistake until the man and her family arrive on that occasion. This arrogance of her friend irritates Veena but she shrewdly keeps her compose and shows to them as if she really does not care who their choice is. Both ladies were laughing at Veena wanting to tease her as mush as possible but knowing their intents she keeps quiet. The game of teasing and tolerating it, continues and they all really enjoy it. Veena knows for sure whatever is her chosen spouse, he cannot be a wrong choice since, it is choice of her Aatyaa and her best friend. Veena know for sure that these two women are her best wishers and shall never do anything wrong to her. All the same she continues to keep wondering who the fellow must be? She begins to wonder who that man could be? She knows for sure that definitely he is not from their village or other relations since Ibna does not know of any of them. That means. He is one whom Ibna knows and that means this man is out of those she knows! Who could be them? Veena continues to work on all young men who could be possibly their choice. There were several men around and she begins to feel more uncomfortable when she thinks of some of them. Veena's other mind tells her to relax and let the time come. At times she curses her friend for withholding his name. All the same, some inexplicable feeling make her very pleasant that she is going to marry. She has to wait until next week for who is going to be her life partner.
Kamaal comes after two days and so comes Shreenath and other members of the Mahaale family. Slowly all house fills with family members and the atmosphere becomes very joyful. It was a house of marriage. And as always all Hindu households, this house also becomes filled with many pleasant feelings. Everybody remember those days when money was costly. Veena's father tells them the way his daughter made strides in progress and reached the level of the day. Kamaal was wondering about how things turned so that they came in contact with Veena and all those things those happened. Is it wish of Allah? He could not understand the way things occurred. They thanked god for the way things developed so that they saw these days.
Ibna was in her best in those days. Shreenath she tried to talk but as per customs of that family now she cannot talk with her. She has to keep away from him till their marriage. There was thrill in that also. Everybody was happy but Veena; she was not knowing her partner. Interesting part was that all other members knew of her choice. One day all members of her family decide to visit house of her betrothed while she and Inba were in their office. Veena becomes more irritated when she comes to know of that program as she comes home. She looks to her mother and pleads to her to tell her his name.

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