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Ghost of an alcoholic drowned in deep waters

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This is a true story of an alcoholic who learned just in time what happens to an alcoholic after death and could save himself from the troubles of those horrible experiences. After death his Lingdeha would suffer untold miseries, just go through it. Narayan Dutt prasad Tiwari known to his friends as Naroo Tiwari and shall be mentioned in this story by this nick name only.
Narayan Duttprasad Tiwari was a son of a Brahmin. His father was a practicing priest. But Naroo was different. He never liked the life style of the Brahmins at all. He liked to indulge in all the so called bad habits and that included drinking, gambling and of course, womanizing. Naroo was working in a government office somewhere in the district of Jabalpur. His position in the office was such that he could make some extra money whenever opportunity came. Naroo was not interested in using his special position to extract any extra money from the concerned people. It was such a situation that Naroo would get the extra money by willing people. Who were always some business men. These business men were also occasionally taking Naroo for parties of drinks and that was how Naroo got into the habit of drinking. In these parties these businessmen would also bring some women for special entertainment of Naroo so that their purpose is fulfilled. Naroo enjoyed all these treats and in the process got involved in the habit of drinking and womanizing. Naroo saw that these women were not actually bad characters but they were forced into this flesh trade by the circumstances. This made Naroo very unhappy. Naroo was a kindhearted person and so would always give away the extra money he would get to these women and try to help them. This made Naroo very popular amongst that class of women and they were very happy to treat Naroo whenever they got the opportunity. Even though Naroo was indulging in all these things he was not a bad man. Actually he was a man with good heart. Always trying to help needy people. Particularly people from lower class. Occasionally Naroo would play gamble but gambling did not fit in his nature well. Instead of gambling he would prefer to indulge with young girls of lower class showering them with the extra money he would earn from these businessmen.
Naroo was a happily married man. In spite of all the womanizing he indulged in, his married life was satisfactory. This was mainly because Naroo did never went to these women of himself but only when those businessmen would request for the treat. Overall we can summarize that Naroo was a very ordinary person with all the good and bad of an ordinary person. His life continued comfortably and with that his habit of drinking was increasing slowly. He was almost addicted to it so much so that he one day brought a bottle of liquor in the house.
It was an auspicious day and his father Dattprasada shastry was about to perform some ritual for some body and that was to be held in their house. All the people had gathered and they were in a very pious mood. Almost all preparations were complete and holy fire was about to be ignited. And exactly at that very moment Naroo entered the house with a bottle of liquor in hand and also completely drunk. That was the very first time that Naroo had done such a blunder. No body in the family knew of his habit until then. As he entered the door stumbling on the door his wife came forward and with surprise on her face kept watching him for a moment. She was shocked to see that condition of her husband. First she thought something is wrong about Naroo’s health but as he further entered into the house a stinking whiff of bootlegger’s liquor made every body stand up on their feet and keep watching the son of the most revered priest of the town. They started staring at each other but no body dared say anything. Wife hurriedly approached Naroo holding his left hand firmly started supporting him. Every body in that room moved aside to allow the couple to go inside the apartment. There was silence for a while. Dattprasad shastry sitting near the holy fire completely dazed with this experience looked down quietly. The room was filled with the whiff of the liquor. People gathered there held their noses until the pong was over. Dattprasad looked to the holy fireplace completely disgusted and unnerved. He appeared very much disgruntled and ashamed about the incidence. After a while the host for the ritual requested Shastryji to initiate the performance of the ritual. Dattprasad without a word from his mouth nodded and everybody in the room was ready for the performance. The ritual had started and a first few sutras were sung. The fire was lit and as usual the smoke of the holy fire, which the believers believe carries away evil, bursting out of the fire. Room was almost filled with the holy smoke supposed to smoke out the evil. The performance was in full and at that moment Naroo came out of his room and started shouting to the whole crowd asking them to immediately get out of the house and stop the ritual. He shouted, “You fools get out of this place. This fire cannot do anything as you people believe. This is all nonsense.” Initially they did not heed his comments. Naroo under the influence of liquor repeatedly would come out and keep shouting at the gathered people. His wife would pull him inside his room and this continued for some time. The performance of the ritual was almost complete. The ritual was in its last rites and finally the occasion was completed. One man from the host for the ritual approached Shastry and requested to know, “Shastryji will the shouting of Naroo have any adverse effect on the performance?”
No, you do not worry. Naroo was not meaning to be what he did. He was under the influence of some unholy spirit and so his comments shall have no effect on the performance.” Said Shastryji.
Everybody left the house of Shastryji. Dattprasad dismayed with what had happened was pondering about what made his otherwise nice son do such an act and that is too when the important ritual was going to be performed. He knew the opinions of his son about such rituals and so he was not at all surprised that he said all that he said. What troubled him was that, if such things can happen again, it may affect the very practice of the priesthood. Dattprasad called Naroo’s wife and asked her, what is he doing now? She came out and whispered to him, “He is now sleeping.”
Next day Naroo was all right. But he did remember the foolish thing he did yesterday. When everybody was sitting for the breakfast he opened the topic and profusely asked for pardons to his father. He told them that he was under the influence of the drink. His father did not say much about it. But Naroo being a good man at heart was feeling very sorry about what had happened. He also asked for apology from his wife but wife was not to be so patient as the father. She told him, “I am not going to tolerate all these things anymore. This is the house of Brahmin and you must maintain discipline of the house whether you believe in it or not.” She remonstrated. Folded hands Naroo, who loved and more than that respected his wife so much, sat quietly promising her that this shall never happen again.

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