Friday, October 10, 2014


Part 93
That evening all three ladies of that household were busy talking to their dear ones and friends and busy planning for the party. Yamuna had firmly told both girls that in this party she wants to declare engagements of both you girls.
"You girls have had your pre-marriage life and now they must begin real life with their chosen spouse. This surprises Veena as she had no idea that her marriage has also been decided by their elders. As for Ibna she knew that it is with her brother ShreeNath but who for me? She wondered.
Aatyaa do you know what you are talking? How you talk of my marriage? I have yet not decided any thing about it and I want to stay single for some more time. I cannot get into all those hassles of our typical Hindu marriage responsibilities.
"Hassles, what do you mean?" Yamuna retorts.
"Marriage is no hassles. It is no doubt a responsibility but there is fun in it if you are with your chosen spouse". Yamuna tells her while doing house work I the kitchen they were working.
"Aatyaa, who is the man you think is my chosen man?" Veena inquires.
"And how you feel that I shall accept that person you have chosen for me." Veena wonders impatiently.
"Well, this is a good question but know for sure I am your Aatyaa, your father's sister and I have seen you from your childhood. I know what you need in your life and that has made me select your spouse. I know when you will know who that man is, you will be happy that I have made the correct decision". Yamuna tells her.
Veena looks to Ibna who was in kitchen doing some other preparations. Ibna returns to Veena and with a mischievous smile tells her that she knows the selection of Yamuna, not only that but she claims that she was instrumental in that selection. This perplexes Veena more and now she begins to guess who may be the choice but cannot guess properly. She was at lose and then decided not to bother for that and leaves the room.
Veena's mind tells her that may be it is just another joke they are making on her to simply tease her as they often do.
Even though she tries to forget that the thoughts of who could be that man keeps coming in her mind and that disturb her all the more. She soon gets engrossed in the preparation work for the party and that keep her busy for sometime. Off and on the thoughts about who could be the choice of these women for her spouse keeps bothering her. One thought suggests that since Ibna claims that she is instrumental for the choice it is definitely not anybody from their village; since she does not know of any possible boy from that place. That means he must be somebody from this city only.
That party was going to be the best in their life, they wanted Kamaal and possibly father and mother of Ibna to grace the occasion. All these things obviously take some time and so party was arranged in the next week as they wanted to invite all members of their family and other friend's.
Yamuna wonders whether parents of Ibna will make it up and she was worried if they do not approve of that relation. She asks Ibna how her parents will react. Ibna also wonders if they will approve of that relation. This question begins to bother both ladies and finally they decide to ask how to arrange it so that approval of Ibna's parents can be obtained without much disturbance.
Ibna suggests smilingly to Yamuna, if they do it without their approval, what is lost?
"You are not understanding my brother, he will not like that we arrange this relation without their prior approval. "But it is our marriage and both of us, I mean, Shree and me are ready also you are all with me so what is the problem"? Ibna puts question grudgingly.
"It is marriage and that must be properly arranged. It is relation of not only two persons but also of two families. Try to understand". Yamuna explains.

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