Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Part 92

She sees that in that place there was no proper siting arrangement for the visitors. A rickety chair was available on one corner and she sits in that chair. On the other side of that chair there was a table and a few news papers were stacked up on it. She picks up one news paper and opens to read it. She sees the news of last nights hold up of mustaffa. That news interests her and she continues to read it. While she was engrossed in reading that news she feels that somebody is standing in front of her and she looks up. There Vinod was standing and with a pleasant smile he greets her.

"Hello, Miss Veena Mahaale, how do you do?" Vinod

Veena returns his greetings with proper gesture and gets up. "Please no formalities, here I came late because last night inquiry continued till early morning and that is always the case". Vinod says with apology in his voice.
"Never mind that but I want to know why they have called me, how I am concern about it?" Veena inquires rather sternly.
"We have to complete some formalities in connection with an award that you are going to receive from the government because you were instrumental for the great seizure", Vinod explains.

"Ohh, is that it"? Veena almost shouts as she feels a big relief. While they were conversing a constable comes and informs inspector Vinod that officer is calling him and also to Veena he points to follow Vinod.

They enter the room not very comfortable and there also there were no proper sitting arrangements. Veena looks around and makes faces to show her disapproval of that place. The officer concerned notices it and with apology in his voice explains that the government does not think that any better arrangement is needed in police places. Our government treats all working in police department as if we are also some as sort of outlaws. On that Vinod adds laugh to dilute the situation. After that brief chat they begin the formalities and soon they were finished particularly as the officer comes to know that the concerned lady is a highly placed CEO of a reputed corporation. She requests him that she should move to her office as much work is pending and she makes him understand in not very strong words that the police department should consider that we also have a lot of work to do. The taunt implied both officers feel but as they had already told to her that the police department is short of hands. Much work one officer has to do and that is the perennial problem of their department. Finally she shows her sympathy for their troubles and leaves that place. At that moment she receives a call from Ibna and in that she asks about what is the matter there?

Veena does not answer and tells her to wait till she comes in the office. This answer actually irritates Ibna as she was unnecessarily worried about it. She tells her that she had told about your going to police department to Yamuna and now she is also much worried. All that amuses Veena a little.

While traveling back to office she was wondering about all those things those were happening. She was virtually seeing a movie of all the events those happened during that period. "God is great," Veena said to herself.

At office she again sees Mustaffa and she comes to know that by now he has got the news of arrest of Mustaffa by narcotics department.

"Hello, Veena greets him as usual as if nothing much has happened. He returns it and stopping at her tells her that it was a shocking news for him.
"I cannot understand this; can Mustaffa be in this business?" he speculates desperately.
"Why? Anything can happen in this world". Veena reacts rather arrogantly and bursts into her cabin. She wanted to see Ibna before anything else happen between her and Yakub.
As she enters, Ibna gets up furiously and almost shouts at her for not replying on phone properly. However, as Veena explains every thing she feels relaxed and begins to laugh.

"Ohh, that is better, Veena gives her reaction to Ibna's joyful behavior.
Now ibna looks much better and all those illness effects were gone. She approaches Veena's desk and inquires about how to arrange party.
On that Veena feels embarrassed that she forgot to give Vinod invitation for the party.
"Never mind that, we have yet not planned it and so as we plan it we will invite him with his family". Ibna tries to console her.
Veena declares joyfully that all arrangements be planned according to Aatyaa.

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