Saturday, September 20, 2014


Part 91

Veena looks to sky with amusing surprise. What she had planned has actually happened. She could not believe that her hunch that Mustaffa must be in trafficking came out to be true. It was too late to let that good news go to her friend Ibna. Veena thinks of her that let the baby sleep well. Tomorrow is her day. Next day Veena very anxious to tell Ibna the news of Mustaffa's arrest and so she goes in her room to waken her up. Ibna is sleeping and also having some fever. This worries Veena she calls Yamuna and tells her the good news as she gets it she becomes very pleased and she also goes to wake up Ibna. Ibna had some feverishness and so they decide to let her sleep for some more time. Veena wanted to inform Sharad about it as she felt that Vinod may not have told him the news. Sharad on getting that tiding goes silent for some time as if he never expected that things will be so nicely coming out. He appreciates Veena's plans and at the end of conversation demands that now a party is a must. Veena heartily accepts the idea and tells him that presently her friend is having some fever and so she is as yet not knowing about the good news but as soon as she gets up they will arrange for a grand party. Veena hangs the phone and begins to think about how that party should be arranged. In the mean while Yamuna calls Kamaal and tells him the news of arrest of Mustaffa. That was most unexpected to him and so shocked the way things turned out he tells Yamuna that he will call Veena after some time and talk with her about future plans. Ibna slowly comes out of her slumber. Looks around and listens to rather loud conversation between Veena and Yamuna. Realizing the things those were to be happening she hurriedly gets out of bed and comes in kitchen. "What is the haste?" she inquires abruptly the two women. "Ohh, Maharani, so you woke up, hu...!" Veena shouts.

"We are anxiously waiting for you to get up dear Ibna", Yanuma mutters, fondly caressing her cheeks. Yamuna with her fingers softly touches her neck to find if Ibna is still feverish. Veena finally tells her the event in brief and begins to eat her repast. Yamuna as usual orders Ibna to finish her morning ritual of cleaning herself and come back for breakfast. That house was in a very jovial mood. All the three women were so happy that they could not know of how to express it. Most concerned persons were by now informed of the developments. While eating her repast he tells Yamuna that now she feels very comfortable and does not miss to thank Veena for her elaborate plan to nab Mustaffa.

Both ladies prepare to start for office and Veena wonders what must have happened of Yakub. She was curious to find out about that. While driving to office Veena gets a call from police department and in that the inspector asks her to be present at the office of anti-narcotic department. She request him if Vinod is present there now, on that the inspector does not answer and hangs the phone. This behavior of that inspector disturbs her for sometime but she knows that these police officers are at times very rude with public and brushes aside her anger. She decided to first attend office and then move to the police department. Meanwhile she calls Vinod but he was not available. These things make her feel somewhat apprehensive. Keeps wondering, why they want to call her but does not tell about it to her friend Ibna because she knew for certain that these things will make her more depressed. Ibna was sitting next to her and was in her own world dreaming of what nobody can know. They reach office and there they see Yakub in the office entering at the same time.
"Helo, Yakubbhai, I am sorry that we could not make it up, you see, Ibna is having fever, touching her neck, Veena keeps exclaiming. Looking to his manners they understand that this man is yet not knowing about the arrest. Ibna goes to her desk and sits in her chair and putting her head on the desk tries to have some more sleep. Veena after finishing her initial work to open her office goes to her boss and tells him that for some personal work she has to visit police department. Her boss a very nice gentleman looks to her with an obvious query on his face about why she has to visit police! Veena notices it but conveniently avoids to react to that and moves out of his office immediately.
Reaches anti-narcotics department and asks about the officers who had called her. There one constable asks her to seat for a while as the officer is busy with some other work. She knew the way these departments work but has no choice but to wait in the waiting room. Looking around she wanted to find out if she can see Vinod but he was not there in that office. She asks to other officers about him but it seems that none knew where he can be found. This situation disturbs her but having no other alternative, keeps waiting for the officer who had called her.

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