Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Part 90

That evening Mustaffa and Yakub were waiting at hotel Silicon in a specially booked table. That hotel was known for foreigners visiting that city. Therefore, most of the visitors were foreigners. They wait for the ladies but they do not turn up as expected. Informers of police were planted in that room with permission of the hotel management and so they were also very septic about this Arabs. It was not difficult to spot him as he was in typical Arab attire. As time passes and they did not turn up Mustaffa looked furious and began to scold Yakub in Arabic rather loudly. Hotel manager approached that table and requested Mustaffa to keep cool and stop shouting. On that Mustaffa furiously got up and left that place throwing some retainer charges on the table, he told manager that his visitors have not come so he wants to cancel the table. Yakub joins him and they together left the hotel restaurant. Police tippers inform Vinod of this development. Now they wanted to see where they go. Police party in mufti was waiting for Mustaffa at his hotel foyer.
Vinod phone to Veena and tell her about the development. At that time she receives a call from Yakub and he asks about why they did not turn up. She told him that first they were stuck up in traffic jam and as time passes they decided to cancel the appointment also she told that Ibna has developed fever and so they returned. She apologized for that and hung the phone. She phone back to Vinod and asks him for more information.
Veena asks Vinod, "Where they are going? Any idea?
"Most probably they will go to the hotel. We have to wait and watch", Vinod replies.
Yamuna tells Veena that Ibna is having fever tells her that they should go to some doctor. Veena answers to Yamuna that it is not any fever out of any illness but it is due to tremendous mental pressure through which she is passing and tells her that do not worry over it. Every thing will be fine once Mustaffa is arrested. Both the women smile to each other and Yamuna goes back to Ibna's room. Veena becomes all the more anxious as time passes without any hints from Vinod. Some time she feels like calling him to get the latest position but she refrains from that temptation as it is not proper to disturb him. Time was passing very slowly for her as she was not getting any hint from the other side. At one point of time she feels like calling Yakub to find out where they are but she controls herself as it may not be proper to do such a thing at this time. Veena's mind was full of many thoughts crisscrossing and that was making her a bit disturbed. However, she prefers to keep patient and waits for a call from Vinod.
Here at the hotel police were awaiting arrival of the two Arabs but they did not come as expected. Vinod had asked one sub-inspector to follow the two on his bike and he calls that inspector to know where they are and what is the matter? Mustaffa and Yakub had left the hotel and Mustaffa was giving Yakub lift to his residential quarter. At that moment Yakub had reached his place and police noted about its whereabouts, they were waiting a few blocks away. After some time Mustaffa comes out of that place and hurriedly reaches his taxi. Now it appears that the taxi was moving towards the hotel where Mustaffa had put up. That inspector informs Vinod and now they become alert as any moment Mustaffa was expected to reach the place. As expected he arrives at the hotel looking not very comfortable, his face showing depressed mood but forthwith he moves to the desk and collects his keys and moves swiftly to his room. Mustaffa least expected that a surprise was waiting for him.
Mustaffa enters his room and closes the door with a bang. That shows that he was in a very bad mood. Police were waiting for the instructions from Vinod to ram into his room but Vinod wanted some time to pass. He had decided to rush in that room as Mustaffa has probably changed his clothes. But to his surprise Mustaffa reappears out of the room with some baggages as if he was in a move to leave that hotel. At that moment the sub-inspector rushes to him and holding his arm tells him to go back in his room. That was a little tough but very essential for the police to catch him red handed. Immediately all surrounding police in mufti enter after them and block the entrance of that room. Hotel management already knew of that operation and so all hotel boys were as if disappeared from that scene. In that room police ask Mustaffa to open his baggages and begin the search for the package that Vinod had planted in one of the baggages. Some other police rush in to open the cupboard and open other bags. The search continued and as expected they find the packs in one of the bags. At that time the police party had another jolt. They find more pockets of heroine in other bag.
On seeing that Vinod and his assistants begin to laugh at each other, they wanted to show that they had no need to actually plant some packs of heroine as Mustaffa was really a trafficking agent. On seeing this Vinod takes those two packs of heroine and puts them in his pocket, he wanted to return them to where he had collected. Since, that was no more required. As expected panchnama or office work to record the findings begun as per police practice and for that there were other officers. Vinod comes out of that room which was buzzing with many police personnel. He comes down and sits on one of the chairs in the corridor. Calls Veena and tells that the operation was successful and does not forget to tell that her surmise that Mustaffa must be involved in one such operations was true. He thanks her and tells her that he will try to get her some rewards as per police rules. He wishes her a very good night and hangs the phone.

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