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Part 89
Both ladies reach anti narcotics department and begin to search of somebody to inquire of Vinod. That moment they realize that they do not know of anything else excepting just his first name, Vinod not even his designation. They move further in a big hall where nobody was attending so that they may inquire. There were looking around and there at a distance Veena spots Vinod sitting in a small cabin. They rush to his room and stand on the door to ask him his permission. Vinod was busy on his tablet; he feels the presence of the two women and looks up. Seeing them he gets up from his chair and greets them, ask them to be comfortable of two chairs in that room. They sit there and Veena tells him the latest developments, about Mustaffa's decision to move out of that hotel. She requests him to do the work without loosing any more time. Vinod looks silent as if he was taking stock of the situation. He opens drawer of his table and takes out two small plastic packets puts them in Veena's hands. "What is it"? Veena inquires. These are packets of brown sugar". Vinod tells. Both of them keep looking at those small packets. Vinod tells them that these two packets will fix Arab permanently in Indian jail. He smiles while the girls were looking intently at the packets while playing with them between her fingers. "What shall we do with it"? Veena says and tells him that we should immediately give them to Sharad. You should do it, Vinod tells Veena but on that she shows concern because carrying this is not safe for ordinary persons like her and shows fear about, if they are arrested while carrying it to hotel. On hearing this fear Vinod could not stop his laughter, he enjoyed her comments and looking with some sympathy to both of them. "I suggest you accompany us and deliver it to Sharad at the hotel. I will take you there and bring you back but please Vinodji, do not ask us to do it". Veens pleads. "All right let us start right away". Vinod says and gets up. They move out of the room and soon reach hotel. While on way Ibna phones to Sharad and tells him that they are coming.
At the hotel they find that Mustaffa was not in his room. Vinod was not in his uniform so not noticed by anybody. Girls prefer to remain at the porch and Vinod goes in to meet Sharad. After some time both of them come out in the porch and hint to girls that the planting of packets is done successfully. Without wasting any time they move out of the hotel even without saying bye to Sharad. Veena drops Vinod at his office and admits to him how deeply she and her friend is obliged. Vinod tells them, that night there will be a surprise raid on hotel and Arab will be taken into custody. Veena looks to Ibna, she was in a very unusual state of mind. She did not know how to react or thank inspector. She only whispers softly to Vinod, "Sir, you have saved me from sure death".
Vinod tells her that the real ordeal is not yet over, remember today evening you are going to attend his dinner invitation, stay cautious while with him because it is possible that he may feed you two with something that may tranquilize you. And possibly kidnap you while you are still in that condition. There are some tranquilizers such that person under its influence can still be able to follow instructions of the accompanying fellow like a hypnotized person. Nobody around suspects any foul play. We have such cases of kidnap of girls in our records; and so be careful.
Ibna asks about what precautions they have to take?
"I have arranged for some police personnel who will be at that hotel, you will not know of them but for them to know of you I give Veena a scarf that she will wear. My people will keep watch on you but even so the risk is always there and so do not eat anything other than hotel food. If he brings any drink which is allowed in that type of hotels please do not accept it.
Both girls were carefully listening to what Vinod was telling, that was very important. They were playing a dangerous risky game to nab Mustaffa and so they were mentally ready for the challenge. However, smart brain of Veena had other tricks under her sleeves. She suggests to Vinod, "How will it be if we do not attend the dinners but keep phoning to Yakub who is going to accompany him, telling that they are coming and keep them waiting and finally tell that they are stuck up in traffic and so cancel the dinner. Since we have already planted the packets I do not think it is necessary to attend his dinner and take another risk.
"Not a bad Idea"! Vinod exclaims. Once Arab enters his room my police officers will enter and arrest him for the packet and begin searching for them, they will find them in the place as we would be informing where they are lodged. The game will be over, do not worry, ladies. I think it would be better if you people prefer to declare refusal due to traffic jam earlier so that we can finish the arrest much earlier.
"I shall keep in touch with you throughout the operation on my phone". Veena tells him, again thanking him for his co-operation. They leave his office. Ibna feels sick, already feeling feverish as they move out of that place and she requests Veena that they better go home and they turn to go home. Veena was feeling better and thanks God for his favors.

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