Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Part 88

There was mixed feelings in their minds. That evening was very tense in the household of Veena. "Do you think your idea will work"? Ibna and Yamuna both ask Veena.
"I have no doubts about it particularly ever since inspector Vinod has joined us. Our success is almost guaranteed", Veena said with confidence.
That day goes as usual and next day when both ladies go to the office and begin their regular work at the office. Veena at her cabin while working simultaneously thinking about her plans of Mustaffa. She receives a call from Sharad and there he tells her that immediate development was not good for their plan. "What is it? please be specific, I do not like this type of talk". Veena replies and requests him to tell what is not good!
"Mustaffa is wanting to shift from our hotel"! Sharad tells the bad news.
"This is very bad, we must move quickly otherwise we cannot fix him". Veena shows her anxiety very obviously. Ibna was watching her from her table and she senses that something is not going on properly; she moves to Veena's table hurriedly and asks her by gestures. Veena hints her holding palm, Ibna understands and keep quiet until their conversation was over. Veena tells her the new development.
"This is too bad for our plan, can your friend Rashmi help us in this matter in some way"? Ibna suggests.
"In what way she can help"? Veena counter queries. "I do not know but my inner conscience tells me that she or her brother can help us in delaying his moving out of that hotel". Ibna looks pretty sure that there is some way to stop him from moving out immediately.
Veena wonders about her friend's qualm, keeps quiet. As they settle in their chairs Yakub enters the cabin and wishes to tell message from Mustaffa.
"What he wants to say"? Ibna almost shouts at Yakub. "Please calm down", Veena warns her.
"Yes Yakub, what Mr. Mustaffa wants to say"? Veena asks.
"He has invited both of you for dinners in Hotel Silicon today evening at 7:30 pm". Yakub gives the invitation and quickly moves towards the door, Veena asks him "Yakubbhai, how to recognize him? Neither of us have seen him and what Ibna knows of him is not enough to greet him".
"I shall accompany him to introduce you to him after that I shall leave you people". Yakub gives a terse reply. Leaves the room immediately without saying bye as usual. His behavior was very strange.
"Loo, one more development in just twenty four hours"! Ibna bursts.
"We should take advantage of this of this situation. While we are with him at the hotel Silicon I want Sharad to do the planting the drug in his baggages. Veena speaks out her determination.
Veena calls sharad and tells him all the latest developments. She tells him to contact Vinod and ask him to get the drug packets. To her surprise he tells her that he does not know his contact number! He suggests to her that it will be better if she goes to anti narcotics department and inquire of his contact, he also gave his misgiving, may be he is there and meet her. So please without wasting time she should go there. He told her that he is on duty and it is not possible for him to move out. His reply was enough to convince her that she has to go and do the job. Veena understands it and without a word to Ibna picks up her purse and quickly moves towards the door of her cabin.
"What is the matter"? Ibna questions.
Veena explains to her what Sharad had told and opens the door, goes out briskly. Ibna intuitively picks up her bag and almost runs to door and as quickly moves out towards Veena.
Both ladies were walking in a hurry and that Yakub notices from his seat in the office. He picks up his mobile and calls somebody.

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