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Part 87
Sharad introduces Veena to Inspector Vinod and also Vinod to Veena. That introduction relieves Veena and the inspector was introduced to her as a friend of Sharad since their school days, they were drama party members at the school. Inspector Vinod also comes to know that the woman was a CEO of an international Corporation and not any small person. Inspector Vinod now looks to Veena with appreciation and any speck of doubts he had were removed from his mind, however, the question, why they are meeting in their car and not any better place pocked him and he finally asks them, "My hunch tells me Sharad, you people are in for some problem, am I correct"? Vinods puts his query.
In a way you are very correct but things are not so easy that they can be explained to you in two minutes, Sharad tells him. Veena did not want to waste any time and so interrupted, "if you give some time I want to tell you a very seemingly unconcerned set of events", Veena suggests.
She continues to tell him the set of events to Vinod. He appears impressed by that innocent narration. Finally the event of Ibna's betrothal she tells him and says that her betrothed man is Mustaffa. After telling all those events she invites Vinod to her house to see the video clips. Vinod looks to Sharad for his opinion on that when Sharad nods to tell him that he should accept her invitation to see the video clips.
"Can you come right now to my house"? Veena requests.
Sharad puts his palm on Vinod's shoulders and literally but gently pushes him towards their car. Vinod does not resist because after hearing that story he seems to have developed interest in the subject. He senses that there are elements of crime hidden in the story; symptoms of potential possibilities of any future crime. In that case he was wanting to know of that crime before it may actually occur. They reach Veena's apartment and on entering her well kept apartment he appears very much impressed. Vinod was from a lower middle class family same as Sharad and so the style of living of Veena he likes this became obvious from his expressions. They were greeted by Yamuna and Ibna. Veena introduces him to both ladies and they settle on sofas. On seeing Ibna he feels much sympathy for her. Veena takes Ibna on one side and after discussing with her for a few moments tells her to get the laptop with video clip. She returns to them and settle in one chair next to sofa where Sharad was sitting. Ibna opens the video and Vinod sees that clip with utmost interest. After seeing it they look to him for his first impression.

"This is really a very serious matter"! Vinod exclaims looking to Sharad.
"So what you plan to stop this demon from kidnapping your friend"? Vinod questions.
"Do not miss the risk that they are planning to kill her for her showing interest in a Hindu man, my nephew Shree". Yamuna utters spontaneously.
"Yes, there we are now"! Veena exclaims.
"The other day we saw you grabbing those drug peddlers and as you told me that the criminals are put in prison for life; I began to think that if we could fix this Arab by planting some packets of drugs in his baggages we can fix him and give him a fitting lesson for trying to grab my friend", Veena tells.

Vinod begins to look more serious after listening the plan. This makes Sharad a bit worried and becomes anxious to know his friends reaction. Vinod after sometime, slowly shows a feeling of relief and then he begins to smile, looking to both Ibna and Veena he utters with a smile, "Your plan is truly excellent".
This relieves Sharad because he was worried if Vinod had objected to the plan to fix Mustaffa.
"So what you two were discussing on that corner of road sitting in the car"? Vinod inquires.
"Even though the plan is good our main problem is how to get packets of Opium? We were discussing about that and there Sharad told me that he cannot help me in that as he does not know of those things. While we were talking you approached". Veena answers.
Vinod could now understand everything and that became evident from his expressions.
Unwittingly Yamuna bursts and suggests that she wishes to get something to eat to greet Vinod as he is friend of their family friend Sharad. She gets up and goes in kitchen, she is followed by Ibna.
Sharad pats on Vinod's shoulder and asks, "Can you help in procuring drugs and then nabbing Arab"?
"Can you join us in this plan"? Veena asks with a shed of apology in her voice.
"Well, for me to help is very easy". Vinod exclaims looking to Sharad with assurance in his voice. This offer was what Veena wanted from him, she had almost got it.
After some pause he declares that he would talk about it to his other associates before we execute it.
"Any problem in getting their co-operation"? Sharad
Vinod nods hinting that there is no problem. "How to move about in that"? Veena asks to Vinod. Vinod now gets up from his seat and suggests that he should move now, he was on duty. In the mean time, Yamuna comes with some very delicious preparations of Arab cuisine.
"Please, Vinodji accept this Arab preparation Ibna has made specially for you for your help". Yamuna offers. They all request him to wait for some more time and enjoy this preparation. Vinod shows interest in that food and looking to Ibna with a friendly smile relaxes in his seat.

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