Thursday, July 31, 2014


Part 86
Next day she calls on Sharad in his house. That was not a big and luxurious flat, it was a small two room apartment in a chawl. He was staying with his mother and young sister. As aways entrance door of his room was open and she peeps into it. Sharad's sister was doing something and mother appeared to be busy cooking. There was no sign of sharad. She knocked on the door. Sharad's mother looks to her and recognizing her gives smile and calls her in the room. Veena enters the room and sits on floor carpet as there was no chair or any such facility to relax. Veena remembers her old days when at her village she would sit on floors. Mother tells her that Sharad has gone out and he is expected any moment. They continue to chat and in that Sharad's sister joins. Soon they become good friends. Mother offers her tea and causally inquire the purpose of coming to him. Veena becomes slightly uncomfortable as she could not reveal to her the real purpose for coming to meet Sharad; she does not say anything forthwith, takes some time and after a pause replies that her office has some requirement and she wants Sharad to help her in that matter. Veena feels very much embarrassed while giving the lie. She had no alternative and it appears that her response was good enough for Sharad's mother. Sharad's sister brings some biscuits and other snacks and Veena feels all the more embarrassed. Much time had lapsed Veena was wondering if she should sit there for some more time or leave. The other women were busy in their house work. Finally, she decides to leave and gets up to leave. The other women were also feeling very awkward that Sharad is taking too much time to return. Veena was almost at the entrance of the room and there comes in Sharad with load of house provisions. He almost hits Veena in that haste.
"Ohh, why it took so much time to return", his mother asks; there was much rush at the ration shop and so it took so much time, Sharad replies hurriedly. Looking to Veena he greets her and asks the purpose of her visit. Veena returns and sits on the mat, as it was very important that they talk. Sharad goes in the inner room keeps the load of provisions he had just brought and comes out and sits with her.
"Sorry, I do not have spacious flat like yours, please be comfortable in my humble place". Sharad exclaims intuitively. There was no conversation in them and Veena did not know how to commence. Seeing that the couple is not continuing any further conversation Sharad's mother and sister feel that they should move out and give them some privacy. Veena opens up and tells him that there is an urgent task to be performed and that needs his help.
"What help"? Sharad
"I cannot tell it here", Veena whispers going close to him.
"I get it", Sharad
"Can we meet at your hotel? When you are going to hotel? Veena asks.
"Actually I am on leave today". Sharad tells and suggests that it will be good if we either talk in her car and she return him home after the talk or they can meet at her place any other time.
Veena hints to him that they shall talk in car and she shall drop him home. They get up and Sharad tells his mother that he will return soon. Hurriedly they move out as Veena was getting late for her work. In the car Veena explains to Sharad her plan; that somehow a sample of drug we have to procure and that will be planted in Mustaffa's room in any of his baggages. After that an anonymous call they will make to police and tell them that Mustaffa is carrying drugs. That will bring police to his room and on search they will find the sample in his baggages. And that is all we have to do! Veena finishes her plan; looking to Sharad for his reaction.
"Well, it is a good plan to fix the Arab and I also understand that you expect me to do planting sample in his baggages. To this much, I get it but who will procure sample"? Sharad asks.
"Is it possible to get samples, do you have any contacts for that"? Veena
"Sorry, Veena I am not in that type of things and I do not have anybody who maybe able to help in this work" Sharad.
They had parked the car on one side of the road and they were busy talking. They did not notice that at a distance one police officer who had talked with Veena, when she had visited that slum, was carefully watching them. The officer began to move to them and when he came to them they did not get and there he was standing next to Sharad's side of the car. At that time Veena noticed him and she felt a shock. She slightly shuddered but controlling her poise she greeted that police officer with a gracious smile.
"Hello, what you people are doing here, chatting on something"? He inquires suspiciously.
"Please come out"! Officer almost orders Veena not looking to Sharad.
Veena comes out and at that Sharad looks to the inspector and there they exchange glances. "Arre, Vinod! What you are doing here, are you on duty on this side"? Sharad asks the inspector.
"Ohh, hello Sharad what a surprise! What you are doing here"? Inspector returns his query.
This was another surprise to Veena but anyhow she feels better that Sharad knows the inspector personally, may be they are friends.

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