Sunday, July 20, 2014


Part 85
"It is too late and I do not want to hold you up in my house more, Sharad, I shall explain to you my plan and I am sure you will give me required co-operation. We shall again meet tomorrow, Will it be OK? Veena suggests. Sharad was not knowing how to react but he decides to co-operate with Veena and answers, I will come when you call me. Sharad was in a hurry to go home and so gets up hurriedly. Veena also gets up and says to Sharad, "I shall take you home, please let us go". Both move out of her apartment and Veena takes him his house, which is just a small room barely enough for him and his small family.
Veena wanted to do such a thing with this Arab that he shall get a lesson for his life. But she did not know exactly what to do. Veena knew in this matter Ibna is of no use, she is not in a capacity to advise her in this matter. So she decided to contact her friend who is a practicing advocate. Next day after finishing her work contacts him and tells him the situation. Advocate tells her that he need some time to find out the appropriate plan to teach him that fitting lesson. Veena gives him some time and tells him that she will contact him after two days. Somehow Veena feels after the conversation, this advocate will do nothing, from the way he was receiving her appeal, she realized it. She begins to worry how that Arab will be taught a lesson, there was not much time and something should be done immediately.
Ibna wanted to know what plans her friend is making to teach Mustaffa a big lesson! She was curious to know that and she goes in Veena's room that evening and asks her. For a while things were not doing well as they could not know what they have to do to fix mustaffa. Ibna suggest to Veena that they have not gone for outing for many days and were always busy in the work and so she wanted to go out and move to see the city. Ibna tells Veena her mind and immediately they decide to go out for a walk in area of the city they have never visited.
"Where we are going"? Ibna asks Veena.
"I myself do not know that"! Veena exclaims. She was driving her car fast and the way she was driving ibna could know that Veena is not in good mood, something was disturbing her. Ibna did not want to trouble her by asking questions and so they continued to go places they had never visited. On one road corner they saw some crowd and there were police controlling the crowd. Intuitively Veena stops car and alights from the car, Ibna follows her Spontaneous. They almost run to the spot and enter the crowd to see why police has come and what they were doing. Police had arrested one person and they were taking witness of other two persons. Veena pushes her and approaching the inspector requests to know why these people are being interrogated. Inspector looks to Veena and finds that she is not anybody from that area; he counter asks with scowl, "Who are you?"
"Sorry for interrupting but out of curiosity I want to know. I admit that we have come in this locality for the first time but would like to know of the city where we are staying".
On hearing this explanation Inspector begins to grin at her, this was something unusual for him but the facial expressions of Veena and her overall getup clearly told him that these are women from better class. He also notices Ibna and that clearly prove to him that both are really asking this out of innocence. Inspector cools down and after a pause, he tells her that this is raid on joint of people who sell pot.
"What is pot?" Ibna asks innocently. This question irritate other police but the chief officer luckily takes special interest in the two ladies and moving them on one side explain to them that pot means, drugs such as opium.
"Now what will happen to these people?" Veena asks with matching innocence. Inspector tells them that if proven guilty they will rot in jail for almost all their life. He tells them that dealing in drugs and even to stock it is also a big crime in our country. There is on appeal against this crime. Veena got the information and she moves out of the crowd thanking the police officer for his kind treatment to them. Veena was moving to her car slowly as if she was in deep thoughts. "What is it, Veena what you think"? Ibns asks. Veena does not reply. They reach the car and Veena starts the car, now she had a smile on her face. Ibna was seeing the changes taking place in her face; making she look as if she has found something. The car takes a U turn. They begin to return to their house. For some time Ibna keeps quiet but she could not keep silent and she begins to ask her what is it that has made her so pleasant.
"I have got my answer Ibna, I know how to fix Mustaffa", Veen responds.

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